Advertising Agency Billing Software

ReportGarden keeps you informed and in control of your business, by automating invoicing and managing receivables, on the go. Presenting Brand New Advertising Agency Billing Software!
Advertising Agency Billing Software

The Invoicing Software your Agency needs!

Digital Ad Agencies using standard billing tools, need Ad spend data on billing their clients on a monthly basis. Manual intervention is required to pull ad spend data from multiple platforms, calculate the billable amount based on the contract, and finally insert the same into the existing billing software. ReportGarden will replace this tedious and time-consuming task with error free automation software.




Agency Billing

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Ad Agency Billing

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Advertisng Agency Billing

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Simple Invoicing

This feature will allow users to bill their clients based on a Flat fee,  Adspend % or a combination of both.

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Advertising Agency Billing Software

Invoice Templates

User can create his own template to simplify his billing option which can be used in scheduling of invoices as well.



ETL Tool

This feature allows collecting ad spend data from multiple platforms like Adroll, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.

Advertising Agency Billing Software



advertising agency Agency software


This feature will allow integrations to various finance and accounting products such as Quickbooks.



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ReportGarden will help Agencies to  create reports on revenue forecasting, receivables, invoice open rate and turnaround time for payments.

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Notifications/Auto reminders

This invoicing software from ReportGarden will help users give reminders on invoices and expedite the payment process from client.




ReportGarden allows users to Auto schedule their invoices. Scheduled invoices will automate the process of invoicing.

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Agencies can evaluate their financial health which will help them evaluate their clients.



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