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What You Should Know About Performance Marketing Agencies

By Ad Agency

Performance marketing agencies make it their business to get your website to perform. Literally. From being in charge of companies’ inbound marketing and creating high-quality content for their blogs, social media and other channels they are active in, to targeting the right audiences efficiently and affordably, agencies must achieve maximum performance every time. Tough one to get right every time, right? The matter of the fact is that it is also challenging for an agency’s managers to keep track of the reviews and reports of different types of software, integrating reports from different SaaS, for every single client. Now Moosend,…

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Moosend vs reportgarden

Introducing Moosend Integration with ReportGarden!

By Uncategorized

Now, with ReportGarden you can track your Moosend Email Campaign Metrics for Agencies. This helps you to use Moosend Reports to help your clients explore data in fresh ways! Why do you need to report your Email Metrics? Marketers these days are looking at Email Marketing as one of the most measurable marketing channels and it’s definitely proved to be one of the key reasons for the growth of businesses. Not to forget, an email Marketing tool like Moosend serves marketers for the best email automation. It is the coolest Email Marketing Service Provider around, yielding world-class features while keeping…

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8 Best Practices for Landing Page Videos That Boost Conversions

By Ad Agency, Web Designing

Video is everywhere nowadays. Scrolling through your social newsfeed or Googling anything without seeing some autoplay video seems close to impossible. But, just because videos are on every landing page doesn’t mean they’re boosting conversions for every brand. Video is just like any other type of content: quality matters. If you aren’t careful, you could be annoying users more than delighting them — especially with video. via GIPHY Slapping a video on any landing page isn’t guaranteed to instantly boost conversions. You need to consider what type of video you’re creating, as well as how you’re presenting it. Video may…

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Infographic: 10 benefits of a Client Reporting tool

By Google Analytics, Reporting Tool, web analytics

From bid management to keyword research, there are numerous platforms out there, which claim to ease the life of marketers. On average, marketers or agency personnel use around 12 different client reporting tools. To elaborate how this affects marketing agencies, let’s assume that an agency staffer spends around 4-5 hours every month for a client only on creating digital reports. And on average agency staffers handle about 10 clients each. Also, let’s assume it takes an average of 4 hours to create a single report. There effectively, the staffer would be spending one entire week only on creating reports – something that can be simplified or…

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10 Most Effective Graphic Design Tips For The Beginners

By Web Designing

Graphic designing seems irresistible for those students or beginners who have no experience at all. They shouldn’t anticipate becoming an expert designer within a month’s trial in designing. Either they can take proper advice from experienced graphic designers, or do an internship in an advertising company for 4-6 months. They need to practice more designing and grow a complete hold over it gradually. Mentioned here are 10 best helpful graphic design tips for the beginners! 1. Select the Right Fonts: Clarity in design and readability is highly important. Make sure not to restrict your designs to one font only. Try…

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