Budgeting your ad campaign just got
more powerful

Know which campaigns are on track, over-spent or underspent.
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Advertising budget tracking made easy

ReportGarden gives marketing agencies a cloud-based software to track their ad campaign budgets across multiple platforms.



How can you Monitor your budget better


We know that you’re constantly managing multiple marketing campaigns for your clientele. With ReportGarden’s PPC Budgeting solution, you streamline budget management for all your client accounts across all chosen marketing platforms and manage an integration of all the individual campaign budgets from a single dashboard.



Track all of them on a single platform

Running digital campaigns across multiple platforms for many clients? Well, tracking the budget of each campaign can be a hassle. With ReportGarden’s PPC budget management software, you can monitor every single budget for every single campaign for all client accounts on a single dashboard.



Receive notifications

With ReportGarden’s Budgeting feature, marketing agencies need not fret over budget oversight. ReportGarden enables agencies to schedule notifications for the client’s account manager to act in time over a budget nearing its estimate or crossing its limit.



Plan for the next campaign

The ReportGarden budget management software has been designed in a manner to support long-term budgeting goals of marketing agencies. Once you set a campaign, you use the Repeat cycle or Roll over feature to plan for the next month.



Analysis for better ad performances

Data analytics is vital to improve future ads using  actionable insights from past data. ReportGarden’s lets you monitor and analyse factors like spend per day and seasonality of spend so that you can tweak your client’s budget as deemed necessary.




To get over the hassle of manual budget management and to invite speed, accuracy, and foresight into your campaign management initiatives: