Budget Tracking Software

Instantly identify your client accounts and campaigns which need attention and eliminate overspending or under-spending of client budgets.
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The Budget Tracking Software your Agency needs!

ReportGarden helps agencies to track their client budget spend on regular basis at multi level across multi platform campaigns and accounts for either under-spend or overspend. This module helps you automatically integrate accounts into budgets and provides peace of mind to everyone from analysts to clients.



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ReportGarden automates the tedious process of manually downloading various reports on spend from all sources like AdWords, Facebook Ads to calculate the day spend. It also helps you track the seasonality of the spend and lets you make necessary changes to your client’s budget.

Multi -Accounts

ReportGarden helps you track your client budget at multi level across multi platform campaigns and accounts. This opens up possibilities for agencies to monitor spend across platforms and provides a single point solution to management.


Budget tracking software from ReportGarden helps your agency to roll over the budget to the next month when your Ad spend is less than the budget.


As the client’s spend nears its budget or it is not at par with the estimated spend, the account manager needs to be notified to take action on those campaigns. ReportGarden helps you schedule these notifications during that point where it would be feasible for you to take necessary action.


ReportGarden helps you manage multiple clients across various campaigns and accounts in one single platform. This opens up possibilities for agencies to monitor spend across all their clients in a single dashboard at the same time to track if they are over-spending or under-spending.

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