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Client Reporting – The Most Important Activity A Digital Marketing Agency Should Perform

By Ad Agency, Reporting Tool

Your clients are really busy professionals; do you think they would like multiple emails from you containing tons of data? Well, this is not what your clients need. Clients need effectual reporting from you, something which is concise, comes in a timely manner, supported by logical data, relevant for evaluating the success of their investments and most importantly actionable. Most agencies recognize the indispensable role of client reporting in servicing their valued clients and this function continues to evolve as a way for them to differentiate themselves and provide best-in-class service. Reporting plays a key role in a digital marketing…

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Power Of Online And Social Media: Changing The Political Landscape

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Social Media has emerged as one of the most powerful platforms available on the planet for marketing, networking furthermore building social connections. Today there are billions of internet users across the globe using different social media platforms. And practically speaking these platforms have actually captured their entire imaginations. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that the extreme impact build by these internet networks is actually quite hard to mitigate. There is a lot about social media in politics which you might now know. This blog post would take you through how this platform is impacting the political…

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Top 10 Traits Of A Good Digital Marketing Agency

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Choosing a marketing agency to help in reaching their business goals and sales target might seem an easy task for several organizations; since there are limitless options available. But when it comes to hiring an online/digital marketing agency, the task becomes not-so-easy. Organizations that have already hired an agency or are looking to hire one will definitely understand that digital marketing agencies are far from being created equal. Though hiring a digital marketing agency can be an excellent investment for your organization; ending up with a wrong partnership can result you in long run loss. Thus it is extremely important…

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ad spent invoicing software

Importance Of Ad Spent Invoicing Software For Agencies

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‘Innovation’ is the only constant term in today’s digital marketing era. With the ever growing needs and demands of this industry, Ad Agencies across the globe are discovering various ways and means to make the process of delivering value to the customer easier. Ever wondered if there could be an easier way to manage & organize all the money you spend across various platforms for various brands? Yes, you’re right! An ad spent invoicing software that ad agencies are in utmost need of. Well, there is. Apart from the social media management that ad agencies handle, setting up and running…

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Adwords Optimization – A Key To Success

By Ad Agency, Adwords, Marketing

Excerpts from the blog on Adwords Optimization by Micheal Brennan of Smbclix Optimization: The key to Adwords Success If you’re a business owner or marketer and you’ve run an adwords campaign in recent times, you’ll know that it’s getting tougher and tougher to achieve an ROI. You see the thing is, Adwords is still one of the best forms of Advertising out there when it comes to market relevancy. The reason is because if someone google’s the product or service you offer, it’s very likely that they are pretty low in the funnel when it comes to making a decision….

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The Perfect Budget Management Software for Agencies

By Ad Agency, Advertising, Marketing, Product

Budgeting is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went. Here’s a hypothetical for you: Let’s say your client has decided to invest in a website redesign so that they can improve lead generation, and you’re responsible for managing the project. Naturally, one of the first questions you have is, “How much is this website redesign going to cost?” The answer, of course, is “it depends.” Are you simply switching to a new template and adding some new CTAs, or are you migrating your entire site to a new platform? If only there were a way…

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Top 50 Digital Advertising Agencies Sydney

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“One of the great thing about Sydney is that it has a great acceptance of everyone and everything. It’s an Incredibly tolerant city, a city with a huge multicultural basis .”- Baz Luhrmann Sydney is a vibrant, laid-back beach city with an incredible array of activities. It is famous for its Opera House, its postcard-perfect beaches and its glorious natural harbor. But these are just small parts of what makes the city one of the world’s great urban centers. Dig into Sydney’s origins as a penal colony to understand what an unlikely success story it is. Mingle at every opportunity with…

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Digital Ad Agency of the Day – Trellist Marketing and Technology

By Ad Agency, Marketing

“Be passionate about your company’s culture and your mission. Remain positive because it inspires others.” A digital marketing agency has a comprehensive team of graphic designers, web developers, creatives, specialists in digital advertising, analysts, and account executives. This team is overseen by senior staff with extensive business experience to ensure all of the agency’s work aligns with the client’s business objectives. Without this experience, it is very difficult to ensure that the execution will bridge the gap between the marketing efforts and the strengths, weaknesses, and other characteristics of the product or service. Many companies use an agency because the…

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Facebook Added New Tools On Its 13th Birthday !!

By Ad Agency, Advertising, Marketing, Marketing Blogs

Stay informed in 60 words !! Facebook added new tool on its birthday!! Know more about the latest updates of Facebook.Today we bring you the latest updates on Facebook’s new tool– Along with other marketing news about every platform from your favorite sites and blogs. Read the full article for shorts that interest you.   1. Facebook celebrates it’s 13th Birthday: New tool added     What’s this about? : Facebook marks 13 years with new Friends Day video and Messenger GIFs as it added these two new tools. What are the new tools? : The first is an option…

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Pinterest Rolls Out Search Ads!!

By Ad Agency, Advertising, Marketing, Marketing Blogs

Stay informed in 60 words !! Pinterest rolls out search ads!! Know more about the latest feature of Pinterest. Today we bring you the latest updates on Pinterest search ads– Along with other marketing news about every platform from your favorite sites and blogs. Read the full article for shorts that interest you   1. Pinterest rolls out search ads:     What did I miss? : Pinterest begins rolling out search ads for keywords and shopping campaigns. Pinterest is adding another piece to its arsenal of advertising services, opening up search advertising to its partners and with companies advertising through the…

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