SEM Report Example [PDF]

        Take the pain out of monthly SEM client reports with this customized reporting tool!

sem report example

ReportGarden works with

Custom-built SEM templates to create client reports

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Cut the complexity. Drag and drop metrics to present insights

Choose Your metrics

With ReportGarden, you can create complex reports quite quickly and easily. Using our report editor you can slice and dice your data to present the insights. Segmenting your data by Network, Time, Ads and Keywords can simply be done with the click of a button.

  • Drag and Drop Widgets
  • Select Metrics
  • Segment Data
  • Customize colors
sem report example

Beautiful templates that you can customize to your own needs!

sem report example

Total Client Customization

ReportGarden helps you visualize the data by letting you choose the metrics, fonts, colors and other elements that make up your SEM report. To make your client reports more customized, it also offers important features like:

  • Dimensions
  • Segments
  • Filters

 Enhance the visibility of your brand White labeled reporting

White-Labeled SEM Reports

With ReportGarden, your SEM reports can be white labeled to include the client and agency logos. It also presents custom color schemes, cover pages and other templates designed according to your client needs.

  • White-Labeled Dashboards
  • White-Labeled Reports
  • Customized Cover Pages
  • Client Logos
sem report example


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