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15 minute Guide to Google AdWords Client Reports [Free Sample]

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 “Reporting is the most important client communication after onboarding!”  Wanted: Executive experienced in data, digital, social & search. The ability to simultaneously and efficiently handle up to dozens of stakeholders (often with competing interests) a must. A successful candidate is skilled at managing up, managing down and balancing a P&L. Old-school thinkers need not apply! I applied! And I never looked back again! From the day I joined PPCGeeks, my only focus was to learn as fast I could. I quickly found a mentor in Bethany. I read and implemented everything she suggested. I should say that I owe a lot…

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Finding the right Adwords Reporting Software for our Results Based Agency

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Excerpts from the blog on ‘Google AdWords Reporting Softwares’ by Bodie Czeladka of Dilate Digital. Keeping a keen eye on budgets and expenditures is critical to any digital agency. Over-spend and your clients will be annoyed; under-spend and it could affect the results, ROI, or your campaigns. If you’re using paid-advertising- think Adwords, Bing Advertising, social media advertising, remarketing- then you need to have the sharpest tools in the shed to analyze and succinctly display your results. While a lot of these channels may offer robust and intuitive dashboards for managing both performance metrics and budget, constant tab jumping and…

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