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social media analytics

Business Metrics Derived From Social Media Analytics

By Marketing

Social media was quite a novelty in the past, but today their importance is something that is no longer debated. Yes, most of the businesses have realized the true power of social media and they have accepted it as an indispensible part of their marketing and PR mix. According to Social Media Examiner’s report, marketers place very high value on social media marketing: 86% of marketers stated that social media is important for their business 89% of marketers stated that increased exposure was the number one benefit of social media marketing Social media is an extraordinarily effective marketing medium, but many businesses focus…

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digital marketing agency

Top 10 Traits Of A Good Digital Marketing Agency

By Ad Agency, Advertising, Marketing

Choosing a marketing agency to help in reaching their business goals and sales target might seem an easy task for several organizations; since there are limitless options available. But when it comes to hiring an online/digital marketing agency, the task becomes not-so-easy. Organizations that have already hired an agency or are looking to hire one will definitely understand that digital marketing agencies are far from being created equal. Though hiring a digital marketing agency can be an excellent investment for your organization; ending up with a wrong partnership can result you in long run loss. Thus it is extremely important…

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Why You Should Hire An Advertising Agency

By Advertising

Every smart business owner understands that marketing and advertising are essential for the success and growth of their company. But do you know where to start from? What if you aren’t that creative?  And what if you don’t have the time and energy to plan and implement an effective strategy? Yes, it’s challenging, hence it would not be a practical decision to do it yourself. Well, this is why advertising agency was born – they are the ones who execute advertising campaigns which are exciting, cohesive and well-thought-of and help you increase your reach to your potential customers. Advertising Agency…

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