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Adwords Optimization – A Key To Success

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Excerpts from the blog on Adwords Optimization by Micheal Brennan of Smbclix Optimization: The key to Adwords Success If you’re a business owner or marketer and you’ve run an adwords campaign in recent times, you’ll know that it’s getting tougher and tougher to achieve an ROI. You see the thing is, Adwords is still one of the best forms of Advertising out there when it comes to market relevancy. The reason is because if someone google’s the product or service you offer, it’s very likely that they are pretty low in the funnel when it comes to making a decision….

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How To Conduct A Complete AdWords Audit

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Excerpts from the blog on ‘How to Conduct A Complete AdWords Audit’ by Oliver Wood of DigitalMonopoly. Audits are absolutely essential for AdWords accounts. Performing a comprehensive audit provides invaluable insight that can uncover hidden opportunities and boost the performance of your campaigns. Your campaigns could already be generating sales. But it is still strongly recommended to conduct audits every six months at the minimum. Here we look at how to conduct a complete audit for your AdWords account. I. Review Targeting Settings What makes AdWords such an effective platform is the level of control that advertisers have. If your…

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qualities to look for in a new Adwords hire

9 Qualities To Look For In A New Adwords Hire [Infographic]

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You need AdWords Superstars not just employees! ‘Good is the enemy of the great’ ‘The Winner takes it all’ is the stark reality of marketing. No points for coming 2nd. When it comes to marketing, mediocre work is absolutely futile. In order to stand out, your ads need to be great and not just good! For your ads to be great, your AdWords experts need to be superstars and not just employees! Being an AdWords certified professional in itself does not give legitimacy. Certification requires passing a few fairly easy exams, as well as maintaining a minimum monthly AdWords spend…

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