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The 50 Fastest Growing Digital Ad Agencies in London

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How did you communicate your new offering to the market? To be honest, at first, we didn’t. "We ‘bootstrapped’ the agency into existence with credit card debt, basing ourselves initially in my parents’ attic, then my living room, then an office in Kilburn that more closely resembled a dungeon! We didn’t move into our first ‘proper’ office until eighteen months ago." - Daniel Gilbert, Founder, Brainlabs So how did this agency, which, until twenty months ago, was just eight people, take the industry by storm with two awards for building the first ever real-time bidding platform for Search (The Digitals 2014 and The European Search Awards 2015 respectively) and The Best Small PPC agency in Europe (The European Search Awards 2015)?! This is the seed question for this blog. Over a relatively short period, Google has introduced a number of new features that have changed the industry completely. With every addition...
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