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Why Facebook Ads Underperform – Marketers Guide

By facebook ads

June 2017 and Facebook has touched a new milestone. The social platform now boasts of more than 2 billion active users every day and this is a population that is bigger than the demographic population of any country in the world! To set things straight, this number doesn’t even include Instagram and WhatsApp, two of Facebook’s most engaging apps. While all of this sounds amazing, it also points towards the huge opportunity that marketers have on the social platform. More than 75% of global brands actively use Facebook as a marketing platform. The average Facebook user will view more than…

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Why Facebook Metrics Never Work Out The Way You Plan?

By Facebook Ad Metrics
Are you tracking your Facebook metrics? Or you still wondering what works best on your Facebook page? Have you ever thought why your Facebook Metrics is not showing you the data you wanted to see? I have answers to all your questions: The answer is you are tracking the wrong metrics for your campaigns, which is leading to make blunders again and again. This article will help you understand where you are going wrong and which metrics are the most important that you need to keep an eye on. The strategy / game plan of Facebook Ads at your agency is designed by your facebook ads manager (or) ppc specialist Let the strategy comes from data. Have you ever derived your game plan by examining your facebook metrics. Give a try for it, Let your Facebook Metrics Existing data to predict your future Data. Reporting is a crucial part of...
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