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15 minute Guide to Google AdWords Client Reports [Free Sample]

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 “Reporting is the most important client communication after onboarding!”  Wanted: Executive experienced in data, digital, social & search. The ability to simultaneously and efficiently handle up to dozens of stakeholders (often with competing interests) a must. A successful candidate is skilled at managing up, managing down and balancing a P&L. Old-school thinkers need not apply! I applied! And I never looked back again! From the day I joined PPCGeeks, my only focus was to learn as fast I could. I quickly found a mentor in Bethany. I read and implemented everything she suggested. I should say that I owe a lot…

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Google AdWords Geographic Reports: Analysing AdWords Geo-Targeting Ads

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“The essence of a strategy is to choose what not to do.” – Prof. Michael Porter Let’s look at how a smart targeting strategy and a willingness to test ideas helped one business in the corporate events industry make more money (and also helped us realize just how important location targeting is to ROI). About five years ago, this company had a modest budget of $3,000 per month. This was considered a smaller budget for the nationwide campaign this company needed. So a plan was devised to research and target the primary cities across the U.S. that showed a demand…

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