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Facebook ads alternatives

Posting Ads On Facebook Only? You Might Want To Consider These Alternatives

By Advertising

Facebook Ads is considered to be one of the most powerful advertising platforms for ‘n’ number of marketers today. You will be surprised to learn that Facebook is the number one social media platform used by businesses, and around 41% of the small businesses in the US actively incorporate Facebook in their online marketing strategy (eMarketer). But, despite its widespread usage, many businesses report that their marketing efforts on Facebook don’t work as they expected. Yes, according to a survey conducted by Social Media Examiner on 3,700 marketers, only 45% felt that their efforts were actually working. Today, advertising on…

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digital marketing trends

10 Trends That Will Totally Transform The Digital Marketing Landscape In 2018

By Marketing

In 2020, the total spending on digital advertising in the US is all set to hit 113.18 billion dollars; this is double the amount from last 2 years (Source). Amazing isn’t it? Well, we are through Q2 and by now most of the businesses initiate planning their budget and marketing strategy for the coming year, i.e. 2018. With several technologies and platforms emerging every second, brands are surely having an exciting time leveraging the number of opportunities created by them to connect with existing and future consumers. However, in the digital marketing landscape, the key to succeed is by recognizing…

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