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Unique Benefits Of Using LinkedIn Analytics

By Marketing

LinkedIn is a social media platform which is built specifically for professionals and brands to connect. This social media platform might guide you to believe that its usage is only for B2B companies. But this is not the truth. LinkedIn is overlooked by some businesses for their own marketing efforts. LinkedIn has many well-defined advantages over the most popular social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. For B2B businesses, LinkedIn is clearly very powerful. It provides a great way to prospect and network. Also for B2C companies, LinkedIn has a lot of benefits. For now, LinkedIn only offers insights for…

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A checklist to help you choose the right PPC Channel

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Excerpts from the blog on ‘Adwords, Facebook & LinkedIn Advertising – Which is best for my business’ by Ivan Galtsov of Pixi. When it comes to marketing online, finding your ideal customer is the ultimate goal. Marketing 101 tells you that the first step is to define your target market. In a successful online campaign, this needs to be taken further – what is your ideal prospects background, dislikes, political alignment, financial situation, view of themselves? Paint your online campaign target with a broad brush, and you will see nothing but low relevancy traffic and time-wasters. Once you have defined…

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Fashion brands feature

Marketing 101: Fashion Brands by Instagram

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Stay informed in 60 words !! Today we bring you the inside view of the Instagram’s new marketing guide for Fashion Brands – The  ‘Feed Fashion’ report. Along with other marketing news from your favorite sites and blogs. Read the full articles for shorts that interest you. 1.  Instagram : A new guide for Fashion Brands     What ? :  Instagram releases a “Feed Fashion” report to provide insights for marketers on how to improve on platform performance What is in this report ? While 50% of the Instagrammers follow a brand , 45% of Instagrammers in Europeans follow a…

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