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Landing Page

5 Effective Tactics To Boost A Landing Page Conversion Rate

By Advertising, Content Marketing, Marketing

Marketers work tremendously hard to target the correct keywords, create persuasive ad copies, and drive the prospective customers to click on their advertisements, all this is done with the positive hopes of capturing them as a lead. Sadly, in reality, the actual conversion rates do not match their expectations. To combat this loss, marketers try to further pump up their paid search spend to attract more traffic, but by doing so, they actually end up conserving their murky conversion rate. So how can marketers convert their visitors into leads? How can they keep those consumers engaged and ensure that don’t…

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user experience

Can user experience actually hurt SEO?


Since the dawn of the digital era, many answers to the enigmas of the Web have been found, and its myths have been busted. So it is no wonder that a simple question like ‘’ Can User Experience (UX) actually hurt SEO?” is now considered as a rhetorical one. Unfortunately, the fact remains that a poorly done user experience design does impact the search engine optimization. That’s why the two have a hard time collaborating, but it’s not impossible for them to coexist. If you’re still encountering this issue, all the more reason for you to read this and get…

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