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Google Keyword Planner – No free Keyword data Anymore !!!

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Stay informed in 60 words !! Today we bring you the news about the end of free keyword search data in Google keyword Planner –  Along with other marketing news from your favorite sites and blogs. Read the full articles for shorts that interest you.   1. Google Keyword Planner is taking away the free perks     What’s the bad news ? : The days of free monthly keyword search data for everyone using Keyword Planner without running an active campaign are gone, if you want full access to the Keyword Planner from now on you are now going to…

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Weekly Marketing News – Sep 2016

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Stay informed in 60 words !! Go over everything that happened in Marketing , Advertising – right from your favorite blogs over the  month. In just sixty words each. No clutter. Just gist. Read the full articles for shorts that interest you.   1.  Twitter Ads : Loophole for relaxed character limit     What ? : Twitter  announced it was beginning to officially roll out some big changes to loosen its 140-character limits. Same doesn’t apply to Twitter Ads. What No Longer Counts Toward Twitter’s 140-Character Limit ? :  Media Attachments –  Videos , GIFs , Images  Quote Tweets &…

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10 PPC Blogs That Helped My Ad Agency Survive

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When I first started my own Digital Ad Agency, all I had was a strong passion for marketing. But with a mediocre skill set and near zero understanding of the industry, I failed. And like any dejected man, I just smoked, played Mortal Kombat and browsed randomly, trying to find out ‘Why?’, or rather ‘Why me?’. That was when I came across these words in a Moz blog. “You offer SEO, Web Design, and PPC. That is exactly the same as 100,000s of companies around the world, who by the looks of things are better than you at it. What can…

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