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How to Prepare Compelling Website SEO Report for Your Clients?

I do SEO for my living. I work directly with CEOs, eCommerce Managers, and IT staff of respective businesses.  Sometimes, the person from Client-side does not have sound knowledge of SEO, while other Clients are SEO-savvy and they have questions for me. In both the cases, Clients expect frequent updates regarding SEO progress. What's going on with their Campaign? Are keyword rankings going upward? What's the traffic statistics? Is the Conversion increasing as promised earlier? Did I say promise? Yeah, whatever you've proposed to them before starting the SEO contract is the key. They'll get back to you with the same goal, every time. Although they will always be busy with their business work, they need to be updated frequently. What’ll happen if you make a shortfall in communication with them? – Anyone can predict the answer – They’ll move. And very early. One of the foremost things behind any...
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Multi Channel Funnel Reports – Tool To Declutter Your Attribution Analysis

By Reporting Tool

Many businesses face difficulty in efficiently recognizing and measuring user-actions on their websites. This is because, the digital multi-channel web creates chaotic data overload which contributes to the never ending struggle for the businesses to monitor multiple channels, analyze reports on how their marketing budget is consumed, and ultimately optimize their revenues. But how do they finally realize what is really driving the best ROI? Well, understanding “Attribution” can play a chief role in unlocking valuable data which can highlight the real information that helps in realizing what really drives the best ROI. This blog post is going to talk…

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