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Why Ad Agencies Should Automate SEO Proposal For Their Clients

By Proposals

There are multiple reasons as of why brands around the world are looking to partner with agencies for digital marketing. Search Engine Optimization used to be a myth, but Google’s algorithms have helped people understand this myth and turn it into a reality. This opened up a window of opportunity for digital marketing agencies around the world. With opportunities comes new challenges, this time it is in the form of a deal winning SEO proposal for client. This blog is not about how to create the best SEO proposal to acquire a client, but rather what kind of proposal needs…

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Website SEO Audit: A Prerequisite To Gain Visibility In Search Engines

By Marketing Blogs

When we talk about digital marketing, a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) audit serves as one of the most significant tools which can provide in-depth overview and analysis of the actual state of your website. Basically, SEO audit is the process of strengthening and altering a website’s online relevancy. This process normally covers important constituents of a website like site architecture, content-related issues, indexing, social-media engagement and backlink analysis. SEO Audit helps in understanding such components and how they work. It also aids in detecting the strength, weaknesses, and capabilities a website has in the search engines. Remember, if your website…

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