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Infographic: 10 benefits of a Client Reporting tool

By Google Analytics, Reporting Tool, web analytics

From bid management to keyword research, there are numerous platforms out there, which claim to ease the life of marketers. On average, marketers or agency personnel use around 12 different client reporting tools. To elaborate how this affects marketing agencies, let’s assume that an agency staffer spends around 4-5 hours every month for a client only on creating digital reports. And on average agency staffers handle about 10 clients each. Also, let’s assume it takes an average of 4 hours to create a single report. There effectively, the staffer would be spending one entire week only on creating reports – something that can be simplified or…

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Create A Perfect SEO Report For Clients - 6 Essential Pointers

Create A Perfect SEO Report For Clients – 6 Essential Pointers


SEO Report plays a key role in tracking and monitoring the key indicators of search engine optimization and online marketing success. Without these reports understanding what is working and what is not, and where to focus more efforts is totally impossible. SEO Reports in real brings together information on current performance and improvement areas from multiple sources (like Google Analytics) into one unified and easy to understand snapshot. Yes, SEO is a complicated concept, and your aim should be to make easier for your client understand. This blog explains what it takes to create perfect SEO Reports. Let’s take a…

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