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Marketers Biggest Concerns in Social Media Monitoring

By Marketing Blogs

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., are the pulse of the internet users furthermore are spread all over the globe. A study by Harvard researchers in 2010* indicates that you could ‘gauge the mood of the entire country by monitoring only the Twitter feeds.’ This study clearly proved that online trends are mostly global. Furthermore, they are most helpful when it comes to tweaking your online business’ performance effectively. Today, social media websites are also proving to be the place to gather useful information – for both large and small online businesses. Also for perform extensive and…

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Social Media And Brand Monitoring – 10 Free Tools You Will Love

By Product

What do you think is the key to make most of the social media? Well, it’s knowing what people are saying about you, your competitors and the market on different social media platforms. Keeping up with what different people are sharing across multiple social media platforms is often very tricky. To deal with this issue, we have formed a list of some of the best free social media and brand monitoring tools. Note nearly all these tools are free to use, but some offer paid versions too which have added features and capabilities. Let’s take a look at each one…

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Facebook Metrics Simplified: What Marketers Need To Know

By Facebook Ad Metrics

Facebook marketing is emerging as a huge craze for many businesses. And why not, today Facebook is one of the most powerful marketing platforms which empower the marketers to reach a huge base of the target audience and grow business revenues. But, how do you figure out if this platform is really beneficial for you? Well, unless you are able to measure what’s really working and what isn’t, it would all be GUESS WORK! This is where Facebook Metrics comes in. Facebook Metrics help you measure and monitor the real impact of your marketing campaigns so that you can quickly…

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Unique Benefits Of Using LinkedIn Analytics

By Marketing

LinkedIn is a social media platform which is built specifically for professionals and brands to connect. This social media platform might guide you to believe that its usage is only for B2B companies. But this is not the truth. LinkedIn is overlooked by some businesses for their own marketing efforts. LinkedIn has many well-defined advantages over the most popular social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. For B2B businesses, LinkedIn is clearly very powerful. It provides a great way to prospect and network. Also for B2C companies, LinkedIn has a lot of benefits. For now, LinkedIn only offers insights for…

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Power Of Online And Social Media: Changing The Political Landscape

By Ad Agency, Marketing

Social Media has emerged as one of the most powerful platforms available on the planet for marketing, networking furthermore building social connections. Today there are billions of internet users across the globe using different social media platforms. And practically speaking these platforms have actually captured their entire imaginations. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that the extreme impact build by these internet networks is actually quite hard to mitigate. There is a lot about social media in politics which you might now know. This blog post would take you through how this platform is impacting the political…

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