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This Google AdWords EBook has been created to provide you with an ultimate guide that will assist you in optimising every aspect of your AdWords Client Reporting.

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Here’s a quick look at what we’ll be covering in the reporting guide:

  • Chapter 1: Important Metrics to Report
  • Chapter 2: Segmentation
  • Chapter 3: Dimensions
  • Chapter 4: Filters
  • Chapter 5: AdWords Client Report Templates

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4 simple steps to creating your AdWords Client Reports!

Identify the right metrics to present to your clients

Without the right marketing metrics, you are shooting in the dark. You should narrow down the tons of metrics available to get a meaningful insight into what’s working – and what isn’t. All this just takes 2 minutes using ReportGarden!


Split your data to streamline your insights

Segmentation allows advertisers to dig deeper into their performance metrics and eliminate the “noise” of analysing too many variables at once. Whatever data you need to present to your client, you can pull it together quickly and easily with ReportGarden.

Optimise your account by identifying the problem areas

With filters, you can find the components that fit specific criteria and assess them all at once.  They help you find opportunities, as well as places of account weaknesses. With ReportGarden, you can manage what kind of data flows through to your AdWords report.

Be Smart and Look Good Doing It

Clients want reports that provide them insight. That’s why choose those reports that matter the most to your clients and shows them your marketing efforts. With ReportGarden, you can create custom white-labelled reports and cover pages which are visually appealing.



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What to include in a Monthly Client Report?

Even the easiest client wants to see what is going on if they are paying you to manage a marketing campaign. See what to include in these monthly reports to keep your clients happy!


“ can show growth week-on-week by looking at the ‘New Followers Gained’ stat on different time periods..”


“..always take an initial benchmark of the ranking so you can compare it to where you started from..”


“..provide a high-level overview of how users are interacting with the site, so you can compare event categories..”