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How ReportGarden Can help
ReportGarden helps online ad agencies create performance reports, invoices, manage campaign budgets, site audits and much more.
ReportGarden is an easy way to group PPC, SEO & Social accounts into one client report. Save time, Impress clients!
SEO Suite
Manage keywords ranking, perform SEO audit and check for backlinks with simple SEO analysis and evaluate your client’s website.
PPC Account Management
Understand the principal KPI’s resulting in efficient performance, audit your PPC accounts and manage PPC budgets at a multi-account level.
Client Management
Efficient client management solution to automate proposals, invoices for clients. Manage approvals from clients using our approval software.
Prospecting Toolkit
Highly effective Lead Generation tool to capture visitors and a list of pre-made Proposal templates to land your dream customers saving time!
Google Data Studio BETA
Business runs on data. With the help of Google Data Studio connectors, visualize your data from multiple sources in a much easier way.
Feature Description


adwords reporting tool | Marketing agency software

Quick & Easy Reporting

Compiling manual reports by pulling all marketing data (Google, Facebook & 20+ integrations) is an absolute waste of your time and resources. ReportGarden facilitates end to end report automation, with the click of a button.

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SEO Suite | Marketing agency software

Optimize and refine your SEO

ReportGarden helps you comprehensively manage keywords ranking, perform SEO audit and check for backlinks.

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invoice management software | Marketing agency software

Automate your invoice management

Create automated invoices using templates with all the ad spend data and key metrics automatically available at just one click. ReportGarden keeps track of all your clients invoices at a single place.

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budget tracking software | Marketing agency software

Control your budgets from underspend and overspend

ReportGarden acts as a control hub to track campaign numbers, integrate accounts into budgets, optimize ad spend on real-time and provides peace of mind to everyone from analysts to clients

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Marketing agency software

Send winning proposals to clients

Every client has individual needs. The strategy and approach to each client would be different. With ReportGarden, send customized project proposals to your clients, turn all your strategies to actionable plans and achieve success.

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adwords dashboard | Marketing agency software

Get informative snapshot at any moment of time

ReportGarden has best-in-class dashboard templates for key use cases. Now everyone can get the real-time metrics they need, instantly. No extra work required.

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Marketing agency software

Greater control at the hands of your clients through portal

Client portal allows your clients to keep track of all the deliverables that occur between you and them at one place, giving your clients a professional, organized experience. Say goodbye to lengthy emails and collaborate efficiently like never before.

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All channels you need on one platform
Reports Created and sent by Agencies to their clients
Adspend Tracked, managed and optimised at a single location
Customers Seamlessly managing Clients, Campaigns and reports
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New Features
budget tracking software
Budget Management

No more worrying about exceeding budgets!

  • Budget Tracking

    Set PPC budgets on custom timelines across multi-platform campaigns and accounts for either underspend or overspend.

  • Budget Alerts

    Get notified based on set budget milestones to take corrective actions

  • Budget Pacing

    Pace your budgets and predict your overall spend on set timeline

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Invoice Management

Billing and Invoicing made easy!

  • Invoice Templates

    Create custom templates for client specific invoicing and varied business models

  • Invoice Scheduling

    Automate the Invoicing process with custom frequency and templates

  • Invoice Tracking

    Manage raised invoice, track clients payments, follow up for payments

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invoice management software
SEO suite

Complete SEO suite made seamless!

  • Keyword Position Tracker

    Monitor your ranking for specific keywords and monitor competitors position

  • Website Audit

    Perform an onsite technical audit for all pages to identify issues to make it SEO compatible

  • Backlink Analysis

    Track all your backlinks and analyse them to take action on it

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Who we help
Digital Agencies
To manage, analyse and report the campaigns to their clients who needs insightful digital analytics
Business Owners
To analyse their campaigns and performance being run for their organisation and websites.
To manage, analyse and report the campaigns to everyone in their team who needs insightful digital analytics
Ad Networks
Ad Networks
To manage, analyse and report data from various data sources like Ad Servers, DSPs, SSPs, DMPs, exchange, CRM and analytic tools