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“ReportGarden facilitates end-to-end report automation, with the click of a button!”

“….it inexcusable for SEO professionals to ignore the importance of solid reporting dashboards like ReportGarden.”

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Create flawless Client Reports & Dashboards!

ReportGarden helps online ad agencies create analysis and performance reports for their clients. Some of our key highlights are Campaign based reporting, Multi Channel Reporting, & Automatic scheduling of reports. We can help you build beautiful, customised marketing reports that impress! a



Our Latest Feature Updates  ( Product + Integrations )

“You can now control the access to reports / dashboards through an easy to use user interface!”

“Track the impact of your Linkedin updates & gain valuable insights to nurture/expand your network.”

“Create customised 
DFP reports that display information based on filtered data & parameters.”

All the channels you need in one Report!

adwords reporting tool 1 Google AdWords
adwords reporting tool 2 Google Analytics
adwords reporting tool 3 Bing Ads
adwords reporting tool 4 Facebook Ads
adwords reporting tool 5   SEO
adwords reporting tool 6 Facebook Insights
adwords reporting tool 7 Search Console
adwords reporting tool 8 MailChimp
adwords reporting tool 9 Twilio
adwords reporting tool 10 CallRail
adwords reporting tool 11 CallTracking Metrics
adwords reporting tool 12 CallBox
adwords reporting tool 13 Twitter Analytics
adwords reporting tool 14 Twitter Ads
adwords reporting tool 15 Adroll
adwords reporting tool 16 AVANSER

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Who we help

ReportGarden is custom-built for digital ad agencies. For targeting purposes the customer base is segmented as Ad Agencies, Marketers & Business Owners.

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Digital Ad Agencies use ReportGarden to streamline their monthly client reporting process. Produce quick and insightful reports with ease.

Marketers use ReportGarden to create, manage and deliver reports to everyone in their team who needs insightful digital analytics.

Business owners use ReportGarden to set up the reports that help them keep tabs on their website & digital marketing performance.



a         a                a         3 simple steps to creating your custom Client Report! a              a                         a1. Link your account    »     2. Select a Template    »     3. Schedule


Quick & Easy AdWords Reporting

Compiling manual reports by pulling AdWords & Analytics data is an absolute waste of your time and resources. ReportGarden facilitates end-to-end report automation, with the click of a button.


Own your web stats. Own SEO

Be it an enterprise, E-Commerce company or a small business, ReportGarden will help you create customized SEO reports using a wide range of widgets and metrics.


Compile data from multiple sources

ReportGarden lets you pull data from various PPC networks such as Adwords, Bing, FB Ads etc. and compile them into a single report!


Harness the true power of GA

ReportGarden lets you visualize huge Google Analytics data using a wide range of widgets. The drag and drop editor lets you add  metrics with ease.


Crunch huge FB data, with ease

When you are targeting people’s interests rather than their search phrases, you are dealing with huge data. ReportGarden helps you transform this big data into valuable insights with a click of a button!


Optimize and refine your Twitter Ads!

Track end-to-end visibility into all your Twitter Ads campaigns, from impression to revenue to yield a clearer picture of your ROI. ReportGarden lets you analyze metrics easily to isolate trends & behaviors.


Clean and powerful LinkedIn reporting

LinkedIn Analytics reports help your clients focus on the key metrics to uncover their top performing content. Help them identify the performance of their latest posts to make the best content strategy for maintaining & growing their audience.

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More focused, granular reporting

If Bing Ads offers more granular control at the campaign and ad group levels, then show your clients how you leveraged these features to get better ROI. Get awesome control over Bing ads data.

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Dynamic AdRoll Retargeting

ReportGarden gives you all the data required for your retargeting campaign optimization to make your results statistically reliable to your clients.

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“Finding the right a                                  a AdWords Reporting Tool a        a       a  for your results based Agency!”

Twelve months have passed since I started on my journey; searching for a platform that would become a centralised hub for my results-orientated and fast-growing digital agency. That lengthy investment of time and frustration spent on the gaps in current software suites has led me to this post, so you can avoid making the same missteps…..





What to include in a Monthly Client Report?

Even the easiest client wants to see what is going on if they are paying you to manage a marketing campaign. See what to include in these monthly reports to keep your clients happy!


Every integration in ReportGarden is client driven

“…their support is AMAZING! Fast, reliable & willing to find solutions to every problem we’ve raised!”

“ReportGarden is a great AdWords Reporting tool & saves our agency hours of work to put a report together.”

“Great, modern product for any SEO/SEM agency. Simple to use, creative tools & beautiful reports.”