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ReportGarden can help you build beautiful, automated client reports that are both information-rich and easy to understand. Leave Reporting to us and spend more time on what matters most – building high-performing campaigns!

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seo reports

Quick & Easy SEO Reporting!

ReportGarden helps you combine valuable SEO data with beautiful visualizations, offering a refreshing alternative to the bland, dull, and data-heavy report alternatives. See how ReportGarden can help your agency:

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1000+ Top Agencies use ReportGarden everyday to automate, send & schedule gorgeous client reports!

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1000+ Top Agencies use ReportGarden everyday to automate, send & schedule gorgeous client reports!

Focus on variables that matter

Segmentation helps you organize your performance data around certain selected criteria. This makes it easier to view the data by isolating exactly what you want to see. ReportGarden gives you the flexibility to segment SEO data on the basis of:
  • Users
  • New Users
  • Organic Sessions
  • Average Position
  • Bounce Rate
seo reports
seo reports

Transform data into insights

Visual data forces you to notice what you never expected to see. ReportGarden lets you simultaneously visualize multiple metrics using a wide range of widgets. Generate tailored and automated white-label SEO Reports that your clients will actually read.
  • Stack Bar Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Line Chart

Here’s How to Customize & Automate your SEO Reports with ReportGarden!

If you’ve ever felt the need to reduce the time spent on SEO Reports, cutting out a big portion of the manual data-gathering monkey work, you’re definitely looking for a new way to automate your reporting efforts. ReportGarden enables you to build automatic SEO reports with a one-time initial setup! We will take care of your SEO client reporting, leaving you only the creative burden of organizing data in customized reports & dashboards.

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Simple SEO Reporting Software.

Google Analytics data alone does not provide you with all the insights, it needs to be combined with data from Webmaster tools. ReportGarden gives you control over a range of SEO metrics from both the tools combined and lets you report the real insights. Some key metrics include:
  • Organic Sessions
  • Top Landing pages
  • Traffic Sources
  • Bounce Rate
  • Campaign Performance
seo reports

Easily scalable with SEO Client Reporting Tool

Instead of creating custom reports for each of your client, simply click here and select a template from the wide range of custom-built templates provided by ReportGarden. Unlimited SEO reports can then be generated based on these templates!

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Google Analytics Reports

Visualize key metrics according to demographics like age, gender & geography with one of the best SEO Reporting tools.

Search Console Reports

Aid your clients understand how Google crawls and indexes their website. Present the best backlinks and keywords data in these reports.

Backlinks Research Reports

This report to clients can give data on the quality of backlinks on the site, new backlinks and competitors’ backlinks.

Keyword Ranking Reports

Report your keywords’ positions across different search engines and how they rank over time.

Keyword Performance Reports

ReportGarden provides visualizations at metrics level which helps you identify low performing keywords instantly.

Browsers Reports

Understand how different browsers are working for your site in terms of visits, revenue, and bounce rates.

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