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Note down the key ingredients that form an integral part of your Analytics Client reporting.


This Google Analytics eBook is designed to provide you with all major considerations for your client reporting to help them get an overview of their website performance.

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Here’s a quick look at what we’ll be covering in the reporting guide:

  • Chapter 1: Important Metrics to Report
  • Chapter 2: Key Segmentation
  • Chapter 3: Major Dimensions
  • Chapter 4: Essential Filters
  • Chapter 5: Analytics Client Report Templates

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4 simple steps to creating your Analytics Client Reports!

Spot the Metrics you should be Measuring

If a metric isn’t actionable, then its just fluff that fills up space in a report and doesn’t mean very much. ReportGarden lets you give your clients the data they need and help them visualise it in a meaningful way. All this takes is just 2 minutes!


Slice and Dice your Data for Actionable Insights

Segmentation is perhaps one of the most effective tools to make the data relevant to you and derive more useful insights from it. Add more value to your data and present it to your clients easily and quickly with ReportGarden.

Be Smart and Don’t Drown in Information

Filters help you to manage what kind of data flows through to your Google Analytics report. They eliminate dirt and debris until all you’re left with is more accurate results. With ReportGarden, you can identify your problem areas with ease!

Present what Matters the Most to your Clients

Choose the right report templates that tell a captivating story to your client about what happened with their business during the last month. With ReportGarden, you can create custom white-labeled reports and cover pages which are visually appealing.



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What to include in a Monthly Client Report?

Even the easiest client wants to see what is going on if they are paying you to manage a marketing campaign. See what to include in these monthly reports to keep your clients happy!


“ can show growth week-on-week by looking at the ‘New Followers Gained’ stat on different time periods..”


“..always take an initial benchmark of the ranking so you can compare it to where you started from..”


“..break down campaigns performance by region, allowing the client to analyze results from each market area..”