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What does a 7-year Partnership with ReportGarden do for a Marketing Consultancy?

As a marketing consultant agency, Hutter Consult had to juggle multiple Internet channels to fulfill their clients' diverse needs. While handling every channel, they were missing some aspects and metrics, thus lacking that perfect result for every client. Things took a different turn when Hutter Consult joined hands with ReportGarden.

About the Client:

Hutter Consult is a leading marketing consultancy agency based in Aadorf, Switzerland. Having a customer base of clients from around the world, Hutter faced challenges in delivering insightful reports to their diverse range of clients.


As a marketing agency, Hutter needed to report every campaign it conducted and the results it got, positive or negative. The marketing team at Hutter felt a strong need for a proper layout to report the results of their campaigns. They knew that a streamlined solution was all they needed to satiate their clients with innumerable questions during meetings and presentations.

Furthermore, Hutter also faced several challenges in the accessibility of the reports with the numerous individuals and stakeholders with whom they typically collaborated. Creating different reports with different parameters and other details for every person was becoming a task.

Hutter needed an insightful reporting tool that could transform its way of working.


7 years ago, when Hutter was stumbling upon various reporting challenges, they came across ReportGarden. Hutter contacted the team at ReportGarden after visualizing the spectrum of dashboards, reporting templates, and the number of metrics that Hutter could easily report.

  • Live Client Dashboard- With the help of ReportGarden’s insightful and real-time dashboards, Hutter was easily able to report every little metric of the clients’ campaigns in real-time.
  • Customizations- Using the ultimate power tool of ReportGarden: customization, Hutter created highly personalized dashboards for specific clients. The reports were very detailed. The language customization added more to the customer experience. 
  • Accessibility- With the help of access restriction on ReportGarden, Hutter was able to restrict access to the necessary individuals and stakeholders of the company. 

ReportGarden changed the course of the track Hutter Consult was following for their marketing campaign. The transformation was uncanny! Hutter’s marketing strategies took new leaps and better client experience. Words can never be enough to show success; numbers are major players in any industry. Let us see the result of 7 years of partnership with a leading marketing agency and a marvelous and innovative reporting tool.

Key Results:

  • Over the course of years, Hutter has created over 4000 reports till today using ReportGarden.
  • Hutter has connected around 5300 accounts on ReportGarden, with over 200 active accounts running while you are reading this story.
  • With over 100 dashboards every month, there are over 100 active dashboards currently running for Hutter on ReportGarden.

To Sum Up

All in all, if we talk about the impact of this union between two growing ventures in interrelated industries, the graph has only been going up. As a leading social media or search engine marketing agency, Hutter needed a platform to organize its efforts and present its success numbers. ReportGarden provided Hutter with the stage to do so. With customizable dashboards with white labeling, detailed metrics, insightful graphics, language personalization, an easy feedback system, multiple export options, and a lot more, ReportGarden helped Hutter to report effectively in many ways.

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