Dashboard Templates

Choose from our selection of exclusive, fully customizable templates to save time and set up real-time marketing dashboards in minutes!

Multi-Location Performance Dashboard

Multi-Location Performance Dashboard

Stop drowning in data and struggling to identify the key trends that matter most. It is now a piece of cake to juggle an array of client-specific KPIs across a multitude of platforms.

Agency Tracking Dashboard

Now, you can seamlessly navigate between clients, gain invaluable insights into platform-specific metrics, and dissect daily statistics. Get a 30,000-foot view of your marketing landscape!
Budget Pacing Dashboard

Budget Pacing Dashboard

Budgets can be a headache, we understand! Whether you’re juggling multiple clients or cycling through different figures, this dashboard makes it a walk in the park. Set your goals, get real-time alerts, and monitor those numbers in a way that make sense to you.

KPI Tracking Dashboard

Ready to boost your social media game? It’s like having a magical crystal ball for your social campaigns, giving you the latest scoop on your performance and letting you tailor those key metrics.
KPI Tracking Dashboard
Brand Dashboard

Multi-Channel Brand Dashboard

Imagine having a centralized hub for all your marketing campaigns – paid or organic.. You get to set your own goals, track key metrics, and keep everything organized. Pretty handy, right?

Agency Performance Dashboard

Empower your agency with our intuitive multi-client reporting dashboard. Streamline data analysis, enhance team synergy and facilitate easy collaboration.

Campaign Spend Monitoring Dashboard

Take control of your ad campaign spend with our centralized dashboard. Make informed decisions, and maximize your marketing ROI by efficiently monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing your budget allocation across multiple channels and campaigns, all in one place!
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“ReportGarden is a great tool and saves our agency hours and hours of work to put a report together”

Gianni Bruesh
Gianni Bruesh
Project Leader, netpluse AG
Features used:
  • Data blending
  • Whitelabelled portal
  • Automated reports
  • Live dashboards

"Reportgarden revolutionises our analytics with seamless integration, user-friendly UI, excellent support & cost-effectiveness."

Byron Walker
Features used:
  • Data Blending across multiple locations
  • White Labeled Portal
  • Annual Reporting

"Reportgarden elevates freelancing with multi-channel reporting. They are a must have tool all Freelance marketeers!"

Oliver Benson
Features used:
  • Data Blending
  • Campaign Reporting
  • Live Links
  • CRM Integration
  • Slack Support

"A reporting tool every marketer loves. It’s great to have marketing data available in our CRM through the click of a button. Kudos to the team!"

Paul Diaz
Features used:
  • CRM Integration
  • Slack Integration
  • Data Blending
  • Enterprise Reporting

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