Custom Adkernel Dashboard for Agencies


What is Adkernel?

AdKernel is a white-label advertising serving platform that offers fast, efficient and feature-rich online advertising solutions to publishers, advertisers, and networks.

How can you use ReportGarden to track your AdKernel account performance?

Using ReportGarden, you can easily connect your AdKernel account and start pulling in all the relevant information that helps you get an overview of your account performance. You can get top level metrics like clicks, impressions, cost, bids, cpm, cpc, etc.

ReportGarden helps you fine tune your reporting by providing customized currency and timezone options to better help your clients.

Using ReportGarden, you can create AdKernel reports, AdKernel dashboards and automate AdKernel data using the scheduled report.

You can also combine data with other ppc and social media platforms to derive your own custom metrics.

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What AdKernel metrics can you track using ReportGarden?

Using ReportGarden, you can show AdKernel KPIs in reports and dashboards to your clients.

Metrics can be captured and showed in dashboards and automated to be delivered to your clients through scheduled reports.

Additionally, you can also capture data from countries, cities, OS, make, model, device types on your dashboards.

You can use the calculated metrics to create your own formulas and combine it with other metrics.

Create comprehensive Adkernel dashboards with useful metrics and visualizations specific to each of your clients’ needs.


Q: Can I track Bids and Wins data of AdKernel in ReportGarden?

A: Yes. ReportGarden can pull all metrics from AdKernel and gives you the data.

Q: Can I import historical AdKernel data into ReportGarden?

A; Yes, using AdKernel integration with ReportGarden, you can work with historical data as well. All metrics that are available with AdKernel are available within ReportGarden as well.

Q: Can I add cost margin for my metrics in AdKernel?

A: Yes. Within ReportGarden, you have the flexibility to add a fixed, relative or absolute cost margin to your metrics in ReportGarden.

Q: Can I schedule a report to generate weekly AdKernel KPIs?

A; Absolutely. ReportGarden has the option to completely automate your reports by scheduling a AdKernel report just like any other report.

Q: Can I share a AdKernel KPI report with my client?

A; Yes. ReportGarden allows you to share a live dashboard with AdKernel KPIs with your client through a white-labelled portal that can be completely customized to your requirements.

Q: Can I customize the metric names for my KPIs in AdKernel?

A; Yes. Every metric name in ReportGarden is customizable. You can choose to rename the metrics in a language of your choice.

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