Google Analytics 4 Dashboard for Agencies


What is GA 4?

Google Analytics 4 or GA4(formerly known as “App + Web”) is a new kind of property, with different reports than what you’re used to seeing in Universal Analytics properties.  One advantage of a Google Analytics 4 property is that you can use it for a website, an app, or both a website and app together. Universal Analytics properties only support websites.

GA 4 comes with enhanced measurement capabilities, with its entire reporting revolving around an event framework. It gives you the capability to collect the data in the form of events for the interactions that you see and want to track and are the best fit for your website.

GA 4 helps tracking events seamlessly across Web and Mobile views at the same time. This helps aggregate data for your domain under one roof and makes reporting easier.

Why should you migrate to GA 4?

GA4 accounts are a huge step forward to unifying data across platforms and mapping customer journey. Another pivotal change in Google Analytics is that everything is event based, which means that you control, measure and view the data that you think is most critical for your business.

Enhanced Measurement – Google Analytics 4 is capable of tracking more than pageviews. Things like outbound link clicks, scrolling, Youtube video, and other interactions can be tracked automatically.

Migrating to GA4 means that you will no longer be able to report on your old schema for Universal Analytics, so, the sooner you migrate, the more historical data you will have to make better informed decisions.

All new google analytics accounts created from Oct 2020 are, by default, Google Analytics 4 property. It helps to keep all the accounts that you manage under one schema to make your analytics consistent and your work stream lined.

How can you use ReportGarden to track your GA4 KPIs?

You can connect your GA4 accounts like any other accounts and start pulling in all the relevant information that helps you get an overview of your website performance.

Using ReportGarden, you can automate your GA4 reporting and create GA4 dashboards to share with your clients.

Google Analytics 4 reports are just like any other reports, and you can schedule them to be delivered directly to your clients’ inbox. Google Analytics 4 dashboards can be completely customized along with other data sources and be used to track KPIs and share on your portal

shopify dashboard

Create comprehensive GA4 dashboards with useful metrics and visualizations specific to each of your clients’ needs.


Q: Can I track custom dimensions and metrics of GA4 in ReportGarden?

A: Yes. All custom dimensions and metrics created on GA4 accounts are imported into ReportGarden

Q: Can I combine GA4 data with other data sources?

A; Yes. ReportGarden allows you to integrate GA4 data with other PPC and social media sources. You can create calculated metrics, or choose to report the data separately in the same report and dashboard

Q: Can I schedule a report to generate weekly GA4 KPIs?

A; Absolutely. ReportGarden has the option to completely automate your reports by scheduling a GA4 report just like any other report.

Q: Can I share a GA4 KPI report with my client?

A; Yes. ReportGarden allows you to share a live dashboard with GA4 KPIs with your client through a white-labelled portal that can be completely customized to your requirements.

Q: Can I customize the metric names for my KPIs in GA4?

A; Yes. Every metric name in ReportGarden is customizable. You can choose to rename the metrics in a language of your choice.

Q: Can I add club GA4 data with the connected Google Ads account in reporting?

A; Yes. ReportGarden allows you to pull data from the connected Google Ads account and report on campaigns.

Q: Can I get Audience and Demographic metrics for GA4 in ReportGarden?

A: Yes. In ReportGarden, we have an option to show the metrics by age, gender, country city, platform and operating system.

Q: Can I get device and platform grouping of metrics in ReportGarden?

A: Yes. In ReportGarden, we have these available as dimensions, along with a number of grouping and segmenting options to customize your reports.

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