Real Time KPI Dashboard For Your PPC and Social Media Campaigns


What are Digital Marketing KPIs?

A Key Performance Indicator or a KPI is a tangible value that demonstrates how effectively a business is achieving key objectives. Agencies and freelancers can use KPIs at multiple levels to evaluate their success at reaching targets.

Benefits of Digital Marketing KPIs

Digital Marketing KPIs are metrics that are a direct measure of the key objectives of your digital marketing strategy. These KPIs can be any metric as long as it is measurable and actionable. Your KPIs can be from

  • Your paid performance accounts like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Linkedin Ads, Snapchat Ads, Instagram Ads, Youtube Ads, Bing Ads
  • Your social media channels like Facebook Pages, Linkedin Company Pages, Twitter, Instagram
  • SEO – Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google My Business, Keyword tracking

It is important for your digital marketing strategy to track your KPIs on a marketing metrics dashboard.

How do you set KPIs

  • To have effective KPIs is to
  • Choose what you can measure
  • Have a target that is realistically achievable. Unrealistic targets make the KPIs ineffective
  • Monitor it periodically. Use a marketing KPI dashboard to show you the changes in trend and keep your goals in sight
  • Take corrective actions based on the measurable data that you monitor periodically
  • Do not track vanity metrics  – For example, if you are doing a social media campaign, you should be looking at conversions and conversion value, and not at page engagements and followers
  • These guiding principles will help you take a step towards achieving your KPIs, or at least understand what’s wrong with your digital marketing strategy

How does ReportGarden help you track your KPIs

  • ReportGarden integrates with several ad platforms, and social media platforms, and can pull in the data seamlessly into your reports and dashboards.
  • ReportGarden pulls in live data, so you never need to worry about data accuracy and time lag. The data in ReportGarden will always match the data that you see in your respective ad platforms and social media dashboards.
  • ReportGarden pulls in a wide range of metrics from your ad platforms, ranging from Goals in Google Analytics, to Custom Conversions in Facebook to metrics in the new GA4 data source.
  • ReportGarden also gives you the capability to create custom metrics, add margins and combine data from different data sources to enhance your KPI structure
  • ReportGarden helps you create and finetune a marketing KPI dashboard that suits all the needs of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy
shopify dashboard

How to set KPIs for different ad platforms

Google Ads KPIs

Google Ads Dashboard from ReportGarden helps you track your key KPIs and monitor them with real time data. It helps you visualize various metrics in real-time to help your clients make informed decisions on their campaigns.

Track important metrics like

  • Impressions, Clicks, Click through rate, Conversions and Cost per acquisition, to highlight the KPIs for the accounts
  • Adset KPIs

Facebook Ads KPIs

Facebook Ads Dashboard from ReportGarden helps you track conversions and pixels across different attribution windows and communicate the metrics clearly for our clients.

  • Integrate Custom Tracking Pixels directly into ReportGarden
  • Pull in pixel stats and conversion values and communicate your goals and KPIs clearly to your clients

Google Analytics

ReportGarden supports Google Analytics – (Universal Analytics and GA4). Create a comprehensive dashboard by pulling goals and custom segments from your Google Analytics account into ReportGarden

  • Pull in goal stats from your Google Analytics account directly into ReportGarden

Social Media (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn)

With ReportGarden, you can track your social media statistics and pull them into dashboards seamlessly.

  • Track your followers and engagement rate across social media accounts in one dashboard

Create comprehensive Social Media dashboards with useful metrics and visualizations specific to each of your clients’ needs.


Q: Can I track metrics from PPC and Social media platforms in one dashboard?

A: Yes, you can track all your digital KPIs in one dashboard. We support showing metrics from different data sources in the same dashboard

Q: Can I track custom conversions from Facebook?

A: Yes, you can track custom conversions from Facebook. A custom conversion in facebook is just like any other metric to ReportGarden, they are available in the list of metrics

Q: Can I track KPIs for specific campaigns, ad sets and ads?

A: Yes, In ReportGarden, you can filter the data based on the granularity of your choice. ReportGarden supports any and every filter that you need to fine tune your metrics

Q: Can I define my own KPIs based on margins and conversion factors?

A: Yes. We support creation of custom metrics. For example, if you want to calculate the Total ROI of Conversion Value for a SaaS Platform, based on a multiplication factor, you can create that custom metric and track it as a KPI.

Q: Can I track total clicks, impressions, conversions across my PPC platforms?

A; Yes, in ReportGarden, all you need to do is create a calculated metric across the different ad platforms that you need to track, and we’ll pull in the data and run the calculations for you.

Q: Can I compare my KPIs of my current period with a previous period?

A: Yes. You can enable comparison to see how your KPIs are performing against last week or last month or a custom date range

Q: Can I share my KPI dashboard with my clients?

A: Yes. You can share your KPI dashboard with your clients through your whitelabelled portal that is on your domain name. The login to this portal and what dashboards are to be shown to your client is under your control.

Q: Can I add margins to my KPIs while tracking spend?

A: Yes. You can add an absolute/relative/fixed margin to your cost/spend and cost/spend related metric, ReportGarden automatically does the calculation for you.

Q: Can I track metrics from PPC and social media accounts for a particular campaign or adset?

A: Yes. You can filter by campaign, adset and ad level on the tool. There are multiple filtering options available to narrow down your criteria to your desired result set.

Q: Can I schedule a report to deliver my KPIs to my client?

A: Absolutely! ReportGarden provides a whitelabelling feature that you can enable. Once your domain is whitelisted, the emails will go from your email id to your client at the specified time that is completely configurable in ReportGarden.

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