Pinterest Analytics Dashboard for Agencies


What is Pinterest Analytics?

Pinterest Analytics helps you understand your overall presence on Pinterest. It shows you what paid and organic published content resonates most on Pinterest. It also allows you to review the performance of your Pins, boards and ads in real-time.

The insights you get from Analytics can help you make better decisions and customize your content. For example, if most of your impressions are on mobile, you can optimize your website for mobile. If an item on your site is driving traffic, you can make sure it’s available, feature it in more Pins, and save it to more boards.

How can you use ReportGarden to track your Pinterest Analytics account performance?

Using ReportGarden, you can connect the Pinterest Analytics account that you want to report on and display metrics like clicks, impressions and engagement for your pins, boards and ads. You can also show the overview of the KPIs in the report.

Using ReportGarden, you can create Pinterest Analytics reports, you can also automate your Pinterest Analytics reports using our Scheduler feature.

You can also combine data with other social media platforms to derive your own custom metrics.

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What Pinterest Analytics metrics can you track using ReportGarden?

Using ReportGarden, you can report on Pinterest Analytics KPIs in your Dashboards and reports for your clients. Metrics like Impressions, Pin clicks, Engagements, Saves and CTR can be tracked for your pins, boards and ads.

You can capture all your metrics from Pinterest Analytics and create personalized reports for your clients which can be automatically delivered to them through the scheduled reports feature.

You can also use calculated metrics to create your own formulas and combine it with other metrics.

Create comprehensive Pinterest Analytics dashboards with useful metrics and visualizations specific to each of your clients’ needs.


Q: Is Pinterest Analytics a live connector?

A: No, Pinterest Analytics is a storage connector.

Q: Can I schedule a report to generate weekly Pinterest Analytics KPIs?

A; Absolutely. ReportGarden has the option to completely automate your reports by scheduling a Pinterest Analytics report just like any other report.

Q: Can I share a Pinterest Analytics KPI report with my client?

A; Yes. ReportGarden allows you to share a live Pinterest Analytics Dashboard with your clients through a white-labeled portal that can be completely customized to your requirements.

Q: Can I customize the metric names for my KPIs in Pinterest Analytics?

A; Yes. Every metric name in ReportGarden is customizable. You can choose to rename the metric to a name of your choice.

Q: Can I create custom formulae using Pinterest Analytics metrics?

A; Yes. You can create your own formulae using Pinterest Analytics metrics and show them in your reports and dashboards.

Q: How far back can I fetch the data for Pinterest Analytics ?

A; Data can only be fetched for the last 6 months. Data cannot be retrieved beyond that.

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