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What is TikTok?

TikTok is the most popular app currently, and is the highest downloaded app on the android marketplace and Apple store. It has close to 700 million users that are active worldwide.

TikTok is a short video creation and sharing app and it fine tunes the content to your tastes through artificial intelligence.

What does TikTok offer in terms of ads?

TikTok is an incredible opportunity to reach a wide audience quickly, and you can automate the process of creation and delivery of ads through their platform.

If the product that you are marketing for is primarily for a younger audience and has a virality factor associated with it, then TikTok is the platform to run ads on.

TikTok offers In Feed and Brand takeover ads.

TikTok offers a wide variety of targeting based on demographics and interest categories to show your ads to the right audience.

How can you use ReportGarden to track your TikTok Ads performance?

Using ReportGarden, you can easily connect your TikTok Ads Business account and start pulling in all the relevant information that helps you get an overview of your account performance.

TikTok Ads data can be merged with other social media and ppc data sources to create meaningful content.

Using ReportGarden, you can create TikTok Ads reports, TikTok Ads dashboards and automate TikTok Ads using the scheduled report

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What TikTok Ads metrics can you track using ReportGarden?

Using ReportGarden, you can show TikTok KPIs in a visually appealing way in reports and dashboards to your clients.

You can also show the ad previews and embed ad videos into your TikTok ads reports and TikTok ads dashboards, so that your clients can play the videos and correlate the metrics at the same time.

Create comprehensive TikTok dashboards with useful metrics and visualizations specific to each of your clients’ needs.


Q: Can I track Auction and Reservation Ads metrics in ReportGarden?

A: Auction Ads metrics can be currently tracked in ReportGarden. Reservation Ads reporting is currently in beta by TikTok, and will be made available as soon as TikTok Ads opens it up for general use

Q: Can I combine TikTok Ads data with other social media data?

A; Yes. ReportGarden allows you to integrate TikTok Ads data with other PPC and social media sources. You can create calculated metrics, or choose to report the data separately in the same report and dashboard

Q: Can I schedule a report to generate weekly TikTok Ads KPIs?

A; Absolutely. ReportGarden has the option to completely automate your reports by scheduling a TikTok Ads report just like any other report.

Q: Can I share a TIkTok Ads KPI report with my client?

A; Yes. ReportGarden allows you to share a live dashboard with TikTok Ads KPIs with your client through a white-labelled portal that can be completely customized to your requirements.

Q: Can I track my budgets for TIkTok Ads using ReportGarden?

A; Yes. Using ReportGarden’s budgeting feature, you can seamlessly calculate your spend on TikTok Ads and also receive alerts when your budgets hit a particular threshold.

Q: Can I customize the metric names for my KPIs in TikTok Ads?

A; Yes. Every metric name in ReportGarden is customizable. You can choose to rename the metrics in a language of your choice.

Q: Can I add cost margins to my ad spend for TikTok ads reporting?

A; Yes. ReportGarden supports relative, absolute and fixed cost markup for all spend related metrics in TikTok Ads.

Q: Can I show the promoted TikTok Post along with the ads metrics?

A; Yes. In ReportGarden, we have an option to preview the video alongside the ad to ensure that your reporting is not only comprehensive but also easy to understand and correlate with the right media.

Q: Can I get Audience and Demographic metrics for TikTok Ads in ReportGarden?

A: Yes. In ReportGarden, we have an option to show the metrics by age, gender, placement type, audience category, platform and interest groups.

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