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This Facebook Ads eBook is designed to help you report the key metrics of your campaigns and assist you in optimising every aspect of your Client Reporting.

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Here’s a quick look at what we’ll be covering in the reporting guide:

  • Chapter 1: Metrics to report
  • Chapter 2: Segmentation
  • Chapter 3: Dimensions
  • Chapter 4: Main Filters
  • Chapter 5: Facebook Ads Report Templates

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4 simple steps to creating your Facebook Ads Client Reports!

Pick the Metrics that Matter

Tracking the right metrics and improving your ads accordingly is no small challenge. But with the right understanding you can take your ads performance to the next level. All this takes just 2 minutes with ReportGarden!


Make your Reporting More Effective

Segmenting your ad campaigns depending on your client’s primary goal helps you present them more relevant data about their ads and audience. Derive useful insights and report it to your clients easily and quickly with ReportGarden.

Reveal the Right Data to your Clients

Filter your account statistics to search for the data that suits you the most. Filters help you optimise your account by identifying the problem areas with your campaigns. ReportGarden aids you in showcasing your marketing efforts with the right data!

Multiple Metrics. Multiple Reports. Portray the Best!

Reporting makes up a crucial portion of a marketing agency’s relationship with its clients. Provide the right information to your clients, without overwhelming them with data they may not understand. Create custom white-labeled reports using ReportGarden.



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What to include in a Monthly Client Report?

Even the easiest client wants to see what is going on if they are paying you to manage a marketing campaign. See what to include in these monthly reports to keep your clients happy!



“..provide a high-level overview of how users are interacting with the site, so you can compare event categories..”


“..always take an initial benchmark of the ranking so you can compare it to where you started from..”


“..break down campaigns performance by region, allowing the client to analyze results from each market area..”