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Essential Audience Insights

ReportGarden let’s you see which posts customers engage with (or don’t engage with), so you can make informed decisions about what you post. It’s a great way to see what gets the best results for your Page and how you can build audience engagement.

facebook insights

A Customizable Report Card

ReportGarden helps you build customizable reports to measure your Content success. Now analyze data related to individual content or posts to see larger trends. Identify the performance of your posts, so you don’t waste time on under performing content.

Make informed decisions about reaching your customers

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Metrics, Timeframes & Growth

Creating a Facebook Insights report can be key to explaining your progress on social media. You can choose the metrics that matter and deliver it in an easy-to-understand way; there’re tons of personal insights to gain as well as valuable info for your boss or client. ReportGarden helps you present a overview of how your Page is performing day to day, with sortable post-level details.
  • Page Likes
  • Post Reach
  • Post Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares

Identify ways to improve the likability of your posts

facebook insights reporting

Facebook Insights Report Sample [PDF]

This is an example report showing and explaining what metrics & dimensions to be included in a client Facebook Insights Report. And how beautiful client reports can be prepared and scheduled using ReportGarden.

facebook insights reporting

Facebook Insights Report Templates

Instead of creating custom reports for each of your client, simply select a template from the wide range of custom-built templates provided by ReportGarden. Unlimited Facebook Insights reports can then be generated based on this template!

Choose from multiple custom-built templates to create reports

Plan your posts. Scientifically

ReportGarden lets you present Facebook Insights data related to the posts you create, how many people your posts reach and how they respond, so you’ll know what type of posts work best with your customers. Also, knowing when your audience is on Facebook can also help you plan what you’ll share with your audience.
  • Posts
  • Photos
  • Links
  • Videos
facebook insights reporting

Drill down to look at specific demographic metrics

facebook insights

Focus on your Target Audience

When you understand who your audience is, you can create content just for them. ReportGarden lets you visualize demographic information about your fans, the people reached by your page, and the people engaged by your page. This data can help you determine if you are reaching your targeted audience.
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Geography
  • Language

Understand people across generations, geographies & devices

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Automated Reporting

You can automate your monthly reporting by scheduling reports to be generated and emailed directly to your clients. Your clients will receive customized reports that fit their needs.

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Custom Dashboards

ReportGarden helps you create custom dashboards for your clients. Whether the client is a small business, E-Commerce or enterprise, you can create customized dashboards for that particular needs

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Beautiful Dashboards

Using ReportGarden you can create comprehensive dashboards quickly. You can highlight the important KPIs and help your clients focus on the important data and results. Clients can now get all their data from one place.

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No more excel hell

With ReportGarden you don’t need to download or upload excel sheets. All you need to do is select the type of the report and everything is filled out for you. We provide several in-built report templates to easily create reports

save time

Saves time

Reportgarden is a quick and painless way to prepare reports. You link your google adwords or mcc account and start preparing reports.  You just need to select the type of report and we will generate the report.

easy setup

Easy Setup

Setting up your ReportGarden account is a simple and quick process. You can link your adwords, analytics or bing accounts with a single click and you are done. Your data from these accounts is loaded on the fly into your reports

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