Google Ads Reporting Tool

Automate sending beautiful, customized, white-labeled Google Adwords reports tool. Not just one, access five free Adwords reports.

free adwords reporting tool
free adwords reporting tool

AdWords Reports

Every client is unique. That is why you need a tool that will help you quickly customize reports to each client. ReportGarden lets you simultaneously visualize multiple metrics using a wide range of widgets. Get a free, customized and high-quality AdWords report in a matter of minutes.
  • Account Performance Report
  • Click Performance Report
  • Impression Share Report

Replace manual reporting with automated, real-time insights

AdWords Dashboards

Unlike reports, dashboards help you present all the important KPIs at a glance. With ReportGarden, you can create & save custom dashboards using metrics & date ranges that are meaningful to your client. Create a free dashboard and turn your data into profitable decisions!
  • Campaign Performance Dashboard
  • Network Performance Dashboard
  • Keyword Performance Dashboard
free adwords reporting tool

End-to-end visibility into all campaigns, from engagement to revenue

free adwords reporting tool

Adwords Report Templates

ReportGarden provides multiple custom-built templates to help you create your client reports. Using these, you can generate unlimited AdWords reports. Get your free Report template now. All it takes is 2 minutes!
  • Ad Group Performance Report Template
  • Search Query Report Template
  • Ad Performance Report Template

Lend credibility and professionalism to your cover pages

Customized Cover Pages

Adding a cover page improves the aesthetic appeal of your reports. ReportGarden’s advanced text editor provides you with the flexibility to prepare creative cover pages for your reports. Create a free customized cover page of your own within no time.
  • White-Labeled Reports
  • Customized Cover Pages
  • Client Logos
free adwords reporting tool

Replace manual reporting with automated, real-time insights

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