Google Adwords Report Template

Automate unique Google Adwords Report Templates for your Clients. You get to choose from a variety of pre-designed templates or can create one of your own.

AdWords Report

Creating an Adwords Report is super simple!

Select an exclusive Google AdWords report template from the pre-designed options we have for you or create something of your own. Start generating unlimited white-labeled client reports, each one unique to every client. Create a Unique Report

AdWords Overview

If you really want to succeed with AdWords, you’ll need to regularly review and refine your account’s performance. ReportGarden’s Overview widget helps you assess your AdWords Performance
instantly! This includes KPIs with trend indicators to help you assess account performance.
  • Clicks
  • Impressions
  • CTR
  • Average CPC
  • Average Position
  • Click Conv. Rate
Adwordss Report

Click Performance Report

Without impressions there are no clicks or conversions. You should monitor and adjust impressions in the context of the preceding statistics. ReportGraden helps you visualize  these statistics over time, so you can make informed choices for optimizing your campaign’s performance.

Geographic Performance Report

The Geo Performance report includes all performance metrics aggregated at the country/territory level, one row per country/territory. Map widget from ReportGardenhelps you better visualize ad performance across different locations.
adwords report template

Network Performance Report

This report gives insights on the performance your posts in reference to the gender of your audience. This will help you take better strategic decisions and help your clients understand their target audience at a much deeper level and create content just for them.

    Impression Share Report

    Impression share is important because it can give you a great indication of why a keyword may not be performing. Based on the data breakdowns by ReportGarden, identify if your keywords aren’t performing due to bidding or budget-related issues!
    adwords report

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