Systematic Google Analytics Monthly Client Report Template

           Altered Google Analytics Monthly Reports to meet your clients’ business goals!!

Google analytics monthly client report template

Effortless Reporting

ReportGarden’s monthly Google Analytics Report helps visualize your site’s huge data and understand the key takeaways. Also, assists in analyzing key metrics for better performance of campaigns.

Master your client’s KPIs

Understand your client’ business goals and translate them into KPIs to focus on useful statistics. With ReportGarden tell a captivating story to your client about what happened with their business during the last month.


Graphical Reporting to help track your site’s data!

Traffic Acquisition Monthly Report

This monthly report shows which social media channels are driving the most traffic to your site and whether they are translating into tangible results. With ReportGarden, know which social media sites you should pay more attention to in future, analyzing metrics like:

  • Goal Conversion Rate
  • Goal Value
  • Conversion Rate

Google analytics monthly client report template

Choose from multiple custom-built templates to create reports


Google Analytics Report Sample [PDF]

This is an example report showing and explaining what metrics & dimensions to be included in a client Google Analytics Report. And how beautiful client reports can be prepared and scheduled using ReportGarden.


Google Analytics Report Templates

Instead of creating custom reports for each of your client, simply select a template from the wide range of custom-built templates provided by ReportGarden. Unlimited Google Analytics reports can then be generated based on this template!

Monthly Insights to help increase your conversions!

Google analytics monthly client report template

Landing Pages Monthly Report

This monthly report lets you analyze what websites are sending you the best traffic and what links are worth going back for more over the month. With ReportGarden, you can adjust your pages to increase traffic and conversions as well. Here are the metrics you’ll see with the report:

  • Visits
  • Goal Completions
  • Pages/Visit
  • Bounce Rate
  • Percentage New Visits

Personalized touch to your clients’ Google Analytics monthly reports!

Traffic Medium Monthly Report

This monthly report is a guide to see how your best visitors are getting to your site and where the revenue is coming from. ReportGarden helps you understand the volume and conversion by each channel your visitors opted for.

  • Direct
  • Organic
  • Referral
  • Paid
Google analytics monthly client report template


Facebook Reports

Custom Facebook Reports to present targeted adverts & budget spent using a range of performance metrics.


SEO Reports

Perfect SEO Reporting Tool for your clients to get all your SEO data onto a single platform!


PPC Reports

Perfect PPC Reporting tool for your clients to show all your important metrics on a single platform!


Google AdWords Reports

Perfect Adwords Reporting Tool for your clients to generate and send reports automatically!