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Google Ads Reports Gallery

All your Google Ads Tools in one Automated Report!

Select any pre-built Google Ads Report & add it to your ReportGarden account by clicking the DOWNLOAD REPORT + button. Leave Reporting to us & you can focus on what matters the most – building high performance campaigns.

Google Ads Analytics Reports

Google Ads Analytics Report

Keen on segmenting target audience behavior? Display Analytics data alongside Google Ads performance stats for your clients to analyze better. Check out this sample Google Ads Reports.

Google Ads Geographic Reports

Google Ads Geographic Report

Who doesn’t want to optimize budget for a better ROI. Aid your clients in analyzing the distribution of their clicks & conversions down to city-level.

Google Ads Audit Tool

Google Ads Audit Report

Want a regular Account Audit to stay ahead? Let your clients get an overall picture of their Google Ads Account by analyzing metrics that matter to them under one report.

Google Ads Keyword Performance Reports

Keyword Performance Report

Help your clients monitor their keyword performance, rank and decide on what keywords they should really be targeting. View this sample Google Ads Reports.

Google Ads Search Terms Report

Google Ads Search Terms Report

Want to explore new keyword expansion strategies? Crisp-data reports to help you present your keyword bidding & expansion strategies to clients. View this sample Google Ads Reports.

Google Ads Video Reports

Google Ads Video Report

Want to know how effective your Video Campaigns are? Track all the key metrics like views, view rate, avg. CPV etc to visualize performance. Here’s a sample Google Ads Reports.

Google Ads Call Tracking Reports for Agencies

Google Ads Call Tracking Report

Don’t you think every Ad that leads to a call, counts? Track calls right from the campaigns to the keyword level. Have a look at this sample Google Ads Reports.

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