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PPC Reports Gallery

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Google Ads Reporting Tool for Ad Agencies

Google Google Ads Report

Every client is unique and important. Isn’t it? Present a beautiful customized report to every client of yours and save hours of your time in reporting. Check out these sample PPC Reports.

DFP Reporting for Digital Ad Agencies

DFP Reports

ReportGarden lets you present custom DFP Reports to your clients with a wide variety of dimensions and metrics combinations. Check out these sample PPC Reports.

Facebook Reporting Tools

Facebook Ads

ReportGarden helps measure your Facebook campaign performance by letting you visualize most crucial metrics in real-time. Check out these sample PPC Reports.

Twitter Ads Dashboard

Twitter Ads

ReportGarden facilitates end-to-end visibility to track and analyze all Twitter metrics to help you isolate trends & behaviors. Check out these sample PPC Reports.

Bing Ads Reports

Bing Ads

ReportGarden lets you present actionable ad insights that enable you to do more with your Bing Ads data. Check out these sample PPC Reports.

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