Security FAQ

How do Google and Report Garden work together?

Report Garden has been approved by Google to enable linking adwords accounts. Report Garden went through a manual approval process where by a Google representative goes through the entire application before approving it for public usage.

Does Report Garden use SSL?

Yes. All the communication in Report Garden is done over SSL. All the API calls to Google are also done over HTTP/SSL.

How does linking Adwords account in Reportgarden work?

Report Garden uses the OAuth 2.0 API provided by Google to enable access to your Adwords account data. After you approve access to your Adwords or MCC account, Report Garden receives a token. This token enables Report Garden to load data from your account on the fly. This token is encrypted before storing. It is also refreshed by time to time.

Where do you store the report data?

Most of the data that you see in a typical report is not stored with Report Garden. The report data is loaded on the fly when the report is viewed and downloaded.

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