Simplified SEM Report Template for Digital Ad Agencies

             Automate your client reporting process and wow your clients with understandable and insightful reports.

ReportGarden works with

Present down-to-earth explanations of what’s happening with AdWords

Adwords Reports

ReportGarden helps you create custom AdWords reports that will help give your clients extra insight into their online businesses. It also lets you present specific performance data about your Adwords campaigns using columns, segments, and filters.

  • Click Performance Report
  • Network Performance Report
  • Impression Share Report
  • Conversions Report

Present  specific Facebook metrics that align to business goals

Facebook Reports

ReportGarden helps you transform massive Facebook data into valuable reports. You can choose your own metrics and deliver them in an easy-to-understand way to clients. This data can help them determine if they are reaching their targeted audience.

  • Ads Performance Overview
  • Demographic reach report
  • Page Post impressions
  • Page views performance

Limitless Twitter data visualization with drag and drop widgets

Twitter Reports

Twitter reporting is key to keeping your client’s ad campaign on track. ReportGarden provides different Twitter report templates to help you present and track overall account activity. Tap into the data to maximize your conversions.

  • Account Performance Overview
  • Engagement Performance
  • Twitter activity
  • Twitter Follower growth

Interactive charts & graphs to help illustrate your Bing story

Bing Reports

ReportGarden gives you awesome control over Bing ads data, allows you to play with it at will.  You can choose a dimension and visualize various metrics, across account segments, from keywords to campaigns. All it takes is 2 minutes to get started!

  • Campaign Performance
  • Click Performance
  • Ads Account Performance

Save time and money by making Analytics reports in minutes, not days

Analytics Reports

Reporting Google Analytics data is very crucial for monitoring and analyzing traffic on your site. With ReportGarden, you can select a default reporting template and customize your Analytics reports using the simple drag and drop editor.

  • Browser Performance Report
  • Landing Pages Report
  • Traffic Sources Report
  • Device Performance Report


Google Analytics Reports

Generate custom Google Analytics Reports for your clients to present the success of your marketing efforts!


Facebook Reports

Custom Facebook Reports to present targeted adverts & budget spent using a range of performance metrics.


Twitter Reports

Beautiful Twitter reports to show easily digestible analytics data and effectively track performance!


Google AdWords Reports

Perfect Adwords Reporting Tool for your clients to generate and send reports automatically!