Twitter Analytics Report Sample [PDF]

Present the full story of their audience to clients with these easy-to-understand twitter analytics reports.

Analyze Your Twitter Followers

Reach out better by knowing your followers better! ReportGarden helps you analyze all your follower data at one place to give you insights you can work with. These insights can help shape your messaging and campaigns.


Powerful Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics Reporting from ReportGarden helps you garner actionable insights from your Twitter campaign data. Improve your tweeting strategy based on the reporting insights we provide.


Custom-built Twitter Templates to help you create client reports


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Track your campaigns with a comprehensive Twitter Analytics report!


Drag and Drop Widgets

ReportGarden helps you customize your Twitter Analytics reports by providing multiple widgets that can be added. You can select the type of data you would like to use and a visualization is created on the fly. 

  • Overview Widget
  • Pie Chart Widget
  • Bar Chart Widget
  • Table Widget

Choose colors, fonts and other elements of your client report


Total Customization

ReportGarden helps you visualize the data by letting you choose the metrics, colors, fonts and other elements that make up your report. To make your client reports more customized, it also offers key features like:

  • Dimensions
  • Segments
  • Filters

White labeled reporting boosts the visibility of your brand



White-Labeled Reports

With ReportGarden, your Twitter Analytics reports can be white labeled to include the client and agency logos. Customized cover pages can also be added to the reports. Bring in clients with your core competency and fill in the spaces with ReportGarden.

  • White-Labeled Dashboards
  • White-Labeled Reports
  • Customized Cover Pages
  • Client Logos



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