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Analyze SEO reports on hundreds of domains and thousands of your client’s webpages with our SEO reporting tools in no time!

Intel to rise above your competitors

Get the SEO audit reports of your competitor to see the key SEO metrics that are levering their rank in SERPs, winning website content, and metadata which leads to a far more comprehensive understanding of your goals.

Reach the top in SERPs by eliminating the errors

Website audit gives a list of HTML errors, website response time, missing canonical tags, metadata and content issues that are hindering your SEO performance and helps to uphold the quality and usability of your website.

  • Analyzes each page of your client’s website without any installation
  • Get the SEO audit report in real-time as soon as you crawl
  • Crawl a website multiple times
  • Analyze your competitor’s SEO
  • Send website analysis reports to your clients
Website Analysis
Website Analysis

Find, Fix and Rank!

  • Seo Analyzer finds all the hidden errors that are destroying your SEO performance
  • Crawl and fix multiple times until your website becomes error-free
  • Get your website away from being penalized by the search engines
  • Make your website SEO optimized and rank higher
Website Analysis

Website analysis overview

With the SEO analysis tool get a holistic view of your client’s SEO performance in the click of a button! See the response codes for all the webpages in a domain. Know the minimum, maximum, average website response time of a website to a query. Get a list of external links, internal links, alt attributes etc. in each page of your client’s website.

Website Analysis

Crawler Issues

Shows all the informational responses of your client’s website to a request. Such as the number of data errors, server errors, redirections etc. occurred in each webpage of the queried domain along with the URL of the page avoiding the hard time dealing with errors.

Website Analysis

Metadata Issues

Check how the meta descriptions in your client’s website are optimized for a search query. And make titles, meta descriptions, and other HTML tags unique and comprehensible for users and search engines with our analysis reports.

Website Analysis

Content Issues

With our SEO analyzer, you can easily discover all the hidden content issues in your client’s website. Find duplicate content pages, slow pages, pages with missing H1, H2 tags and many more effortlessly!

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Website Analysis

Send SEO Audit reports to your clients

Download and send the SEO audit reports to your clients on how well a website is optimized reducing the errors and compare it with past reports to show them the progress in each point of time.