How do you think SEO will evolve in the coming years?

Quality, accuracy and relevancy are gaining more importance each year that passes. I don’t think the fundamentals of SEO are going to change drastically over the next 5 years, but rather the Internet and how we use and access it will continue to evolve.

“It’s not that ‘content is king,’ but content certainly is the Hand of the King.”

The mission of an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Manager is to maximize the volume of inbound organic traffic from search engines to a website. This is accomplished through a combination of on-page and off-page techniques, including link-building, social media strategy, viral marketing, metadata sculpting, site speed optimization, content strategy, information architecture, and more.

Effective SEO will require knowledge, understanding and interaction with different areas of a business (technical, marketing, management reporting etc) an SEO strategist will require a bigger picture understanding of business strategy and objectives.

Our interview today is with a SEO Manager – Meet Elijah-Blue Vieau

Elijah has helped companies both local and international achieve their content-driven marketing goals. According to him, successful digital marketing is all about attention and interaction. He believes that every great campaign starts with an idea, and turning that idea into a memorable online experience is what gets him out of bed every morning.

Over the last 9 years he has worked as a marketing manager in an agency setting, at home, and abroad. His experience is diverse ranging from organic SEO and paid search management to long form copywriting and info product creation. His specialties include local SEO, lead generation, and WordPress development.

Sharing some of his SEO Strategies, it’s truly an honor to host Elijah in our Agency expert interview series:


1. We would like to know a bit about your career background, and how and when you got into SEO and Digital Marketing?

My career has been interesting to say the least. I’ve loved the web since my first experience with online chat rooms in the mid 90s. Fast forward to 2005, I was quite active on MySpace as a producer and musician – at the highest point I had around 13k fans. It was through MySpace that I learned the basics of HTML in an effort to hack my profile and inject custom banner images I designed to increase engagement.

I consider this to be the starting point of my love affair with digital marketing. From there I discovered affiliate marketing and WordPress through a colleague, Jay Piecha, who taught me to build niche-focused websites, rank them quickly, and sell for a profit on platforms like SitePoint (now Flippa). I was also blogging about my experiences and gained quite an audience in the process.

So after building and selling a few hundred niche sites, it became obvious that I had a talent for driving traffic and action via search. I started offering my services as an SEO consultant to local businesses – and the rest is history 🙂



2. What do you believe to be the most important task you do on a daily basis? Why?

It may sound a little strange, but the most important thing I do on any given day is communicate. Whether it’s communicating in an email to a client, communicating to my team, or communicating to our VP or CEO, without effective communication a project can go south very quickly.

As an SEO Manager, people rely on me to communicate my thoughts, ideas, and opinions. How I communicate can directly impact the performance of a client’s website. Poor communication often leads to poor results.


3. What resources or influencers do you follow for staying ahead in the world of SEO?

The Director of Search at TechWyse, Steve Toth, is really big into Brian Dean from Backlinko, so I’ve been getting into him over the last year or so – his content is fantastic. To be honest though, I don’t follow too many people in the “SEO” space per say. I’m more into great thinkers and great writers: Gary Vaynerchuk, Yaro Starak, Scott Stratten, Brian Clark… I love the way these people think and write. I rely on Google (and my colleagues) to keep me up to date with SEO.



4.What do you think is your greatest career accomplishment?

I have this one client that is a custom menswear boutique here in Toronto – and I have been with them since before they had a business name, before they had a website, when it was nothing more than an idea.. They were one of my first consulting clients. Over the last 5 years they have grown exponentially and have become one of top custom suit shops in Toronto, which is a very competitive city.

Now they’re suiting up players in the NHL, NBA, among other celebrities. To know that I played an instrumental role in their success has to be my greatest accomplishment. Even though I’ve helped many businesses go from zero to hero since then, this particular client will always be my first for SEO success.


5. How do you think SEO will evolve in the coming years?

Quality, accuracy and relevancy are gaining more importance each year that passes. Google’s algorithms are getting smarter. Users are getting better at searching. Devices are getting faster. I don’t think the fundamentals of SEO are going to change drastically over the next 5 years, but rather the Internet and how we use and access it will continue to evolve.



6. What’s your favorite method to build links to your site?

Nothing beats a good ol’ fashioned guest blog or feature on another website. And the key to really making this part of your overall strategy is to build those relationships with editors, website owners etc. Strive to make the relationship mutually beneficial and you will never fall short of opportunities to acquire fresh links.


7.What do you think is the biggest SEO myth?

I think the biggest myth is that organic search results can be guaranteed. Any real digital marketer knows that organic search is an extremely volatile environment, and guaranteeing a client placement or results in organic search – no matter how skilled or experienced you may be – is simply bad practice.

This perception needs to be changed through client education and expectation setting. Search engine optimization is a long-term play that can contribute greatly to your digital success. It requires adaptability, measurement, and maintenance to flourish. Rankings go up and down week by week. This is the nature of organic search and pitching it as anything other than that is dishonest.

Today we got to know a few SEO strategies to boost up your business from the expert – Elijah. Going forward there are many more specialists that we want to chat with. We will resume our discussion with another expert in our next post.

Until then, Happy Marketing!!

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