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             Mulitple custom-built Google Analytics reporting templates to make your client reporting effortless!

free google analytics reporting tool
free google analytics reporting tool

Graphical Reporting to help track your site’s data!

Free Analytics Reports

ReportGarden delivers consolidated Analytics reports which include Sessions, Users, and Bounce Rate for a particular website. These insights will help your clients to focus on the best optimization opportunities in their account. Get a free and customized Analytics report in a matter of minutes.

  • Performance Overview Report
  • Sessions Report
  • Traffic Sources Report
free google analytics reporting tool

Cut the complexity. Drag and drop metrics to present insights.

free google analytics reporting tool

Free Analytics Dashboards

Analytics Dashboard from ReportGarden provides you with a real-time view of your site metrics. You can check visitor spikes as they happen and where viewers are arriving instantly. Create a free customized dashboard of your own now!

  • Traffic Medium Dashboard
  • Browser Perfromance Dashboard
  • Device Performance Dashboard

Track, analyze and optimize your Google Analytics data

Free Analytics Report Templates

Google Analytics surfaces so much data, it’s hard to know where to start. To make your reporting easy, ReportGarden provides an array of custom-built report templates. You can easily use these custom reports for your own website right away! All it takes is 2 minutes!

  • Top Landing Pages Report Template
  • Search Query Report Template
  • Campaign Performance Report Template

free google analytics reporting tool

Add a personalized touch to your clients’ Google Analytics reports!

free google analytics reporting tool

Free Customized Cover Pages

Results are best communicated through visuals, this is more true in the case of enormous Analytics data. ReportGarden lets you choose the colors, fonts and other elements to prepare customized cover pages for your reports. Get started now!

  • White-Labeled Reports
  • Customized Cover Pages
  • Client Logos


Google AdWords Reports

Perfect Adwords Reporting Tool for your clients to generate and send reports automatically!


Facebook Reports

Custom Facebook Reports to present targeted adverts & budget spent using a range of performance metrics.


Twitter Reports

Beautiful Twitter reports to show easily digestible analytics data and effectively track performance!


SEO Reports

Perfect SEO Reporting Tool for your clients to get all your SEO data onto a single platform!