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Free Twitter Reports

ReportGarden provides you the opportunity to effectively select KPI’s to generate your client Twitter report instantly. Analyze the potential scope of your favorites, retweets and customize campaign keywords to maximize your performance. Create your own free Twitter report now!

  • Account Performance Overview
  • Platform Performance Report
  • Twitter Activity Report

Compile top line Twitter data in a single dashboard!

Free Twitter Dashboards

With Twitter Dashboard, you can make the most out of your marketing dollars by tracking the actions that align to your campaign objective. ReportGarden helps you measure results with precision to maximize your twitter results.

  • Language Performance Dashboard
  • Engagement Performance Dashboard
  • Campaign Performance Dashboard

Clearly explain your twitter activity, content & engagement

Free Twitter Report Templates

ReportGarden provides multiple Twitter report templates which help you to present and track your overall account activity. You can use this data to set goals & monitor your results in an efficient way.

  • Twitter Interaction Report Template
  • Demographic Performance Report Template
  • Twitter Follower Growth Report Template

Choose colors, fonts and other elements of your cover pages

Free Customized Cover Pages

Adding a cover page improves the aesthetic appeal of your reports. ReportGarden lets you choose the colors, fonts, and other elements to prepare customized cover pages for your reports. Get started now!

  • White-Labeled Reports
  • Customized Cover Pages
  • Client Logos


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