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Complete Twitter Ads Reporting for your Agency!

Track your Twitter Ads data with precision to amplify every relevant data point. With ReportGarden, you can use important performance metrics to easily spot holes in your approach and measure the success of every ad campaign.


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twitter ads reporting

Quick & Easy Reporting!

ReportGarden helps you combine valuable campaign data with beautiful visualizations, offering a refreshing alternative to the bland, dull, and data-heavy report alternatives. See how ReportGarden can help your agency:


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Campaign Optimization

Twitter Ads reporting and measurement is key to keeping your client’s ad campaign on budget and on track. ReportGarden helps you get your measuring and reporting in motion with these metrics that are needed to be measured:

  • Click-through rate
  • Reach
  • Unique clicks
  • Cost per Retweet
  • Cost per follower


twitter ads reporting

twitter ads reporting

Audience Segments

The audience segments vary depending on the type of campaign and targeting you used. ReportGarden lets you present the insights on the data about each of these segments to your client to help them reach their audience better:

  • Tweets
  • Platforms
  • Demographics
  • Interests


Optimizing Platforms

To know how your campaigns work on different platforms helps you optimize your strategy for each device and use your budgets more wisely. ReportGarden lets you view your campaigns over various platforms like:

  • Desktop and Laptop devices
  • iOS devices
  • Android devices
  • Mobile web on other devices


twitter ads reporting

Easy & Quick Reports with Twitter Reporting Tool

Twitter Ads reports are perfect for quick analysis of your Twitter ad campaigns. ReportGarden provides multiple templates to help you create beautiful and customised client reports with a simple click



Overview Report

Present insights into how well you are reaching your audience and identify which ad eventually drives a user to conversion.

Engagement Performance Report

ReportGarden helps you include detailed numbers that explain various engagement metrics that matter to your clients.

Campaign Performance Report

Present a detailed view of account performance to clients split up by campaign to help them optimise budget and goals.

Demographic Performance Report

Demographic performance report enables you to present insights on the potential audience for your ads.

Language Performance Report

Identify which language reaches out best to a wide range of audience, create better content and strategies accordingly.

Platform Performance Report

ReportGarden helps you give a clear overview to clients on how different campaigns work on different platforms.

1000+ Top Agencies use ReportGarden everyday to automate, send & schedule gorgeous marketing reports to their clients!

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Gianni BrüeschCDO, Budgetcheck AG

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