Simplified Google Analytics Traffic Report for Ad Agencies

Analyze at-a-glance, which traffic is most valuable to your clients!


Understand Your Website Traffic

When you know your biggest traffic sources, you have a better idea of where to spend your time and money. ReportGarden helps you to determine which online marketing tactics are bringing the most traffic to your website.

Robust Reporting Features

ReportGarden helps you to breakdown your website traffic in easy to understand reports. Using this information you can unearth valuable insights about your website traffic and visitors.



Get super granular to discover which Traffic Sources really work


Traffic Sources Report

ReportGarden helps you visualize various KPI’s to help you identify the key sources that are driving traffic to your site. These granular investigations can help your clients to adjust their strategies to increase conversions.

  • Users
  • Sessions
  • Bounce Rate
  • Avg. Session Duration


Choose from multiple custom-built templates to create reports


Google Analytics Report Sample [PDF]

This is an example report showing and explaining what metrics & dimensions to be included in a client Google Analytics Report. And how beautiful client reports can be prepared and scheduled using ReportGarden.


Google Analytics Report Templates

Instead of creating custom reports for each of your client, simply select a template from the wide range of custom-built templates provided by ReportGarden. Unlimited Google Analytics reports can then be generated based on this template!

See your most valuable Traffic Mediums, plus the up-and-comers

Traffic Medium Report

Traffic Medium Report helps you to understand the overall picture of how people are getting to your website. ReportGarden helps you analyze how customers acquired from various channels interact with your content. It also lets you segregate the traffic by :

  • Direct
  • Organic
  • Referral
  • Paid

Isolate and examine subsets of your Network data.

Network Report

This report tells you which locations your active users are from. ReportGarden lets you filter your data to see the geographic origins of your traffic. From there, you can decide where it is more prudent to invest your advertising dollars.

  • Traffic Sources by Country
  • Traffic Sources by City
  • Traffic Sources by Region


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