A Guide to Google Analytics 4 Reports

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A Guide to Google Analytics 4 Reports

In October 2020, Google announced the most happening change to Google Analytics: Google Analytics 4. As Google Analytics has been a part of every business for generating those valuable insights, it is crucial to understand how things changed with Analytics 4.  Generating customized Google Analytics 4 reports is a vital skill for anyone looking to harness the full potential of this powerful analytics tool. Do you know that it is possible with Report Garden to generate customized Analytics reports? Here's an in-depth exploration for your expertise upgrade. 

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks. It reports website traffic and also the mobile app traffic & events, currently as a platform inside the Google Marketing Platform brand. Google launched it in November 2005. Surprisingly, there are about 37.9 million websites globally currently using Google Analytics to gain valuable insights from their business. 

What is Google Analytics 4? 

Google Analytics 4 uses a different data structure and data collection logic. Everything is built around users and events, not sessions. An events-based model processes each user interaction as a single event.

This change is very important because, in the earlier version, users relied on a session-based model that grouped user interactions within a given time. 

Key Features of Google Analytics 4 

Google Analytics 4 is the latest version of Google Analytics, which provides a more advanced approach to analytics compared to its earlier version. 

  • Event-Centric Tracking: Google Analytics 4 focuses on event tracking, allowing more flexibility in tracking user interactions.
  • User-Centric Measurement: Google Analytics 4 emphasizes user-centric measurement, providing a better understanding of how users interact with a website or app across multiple platforms.
  • Cross-Platform Tracking: Google Analytics 4 is designed to handle cross-platform tracking, enabling businesses to analyze user behavior across digital platforms.
  • Machine Learning and AI Integration: Google Analytics 4 integrates machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide insights, Google Analytics automated reports and tasks, and offer predictive metrics. 
  • Enhanced User Privacy Features: Google Analytics 4 is built with privacy and includes features like enhanced user consent settings, giving users more control over their data. This aligns with evolving privacy regulations.
  • Event-Based Conversions:  Instead of relying only on traditional pageviews, Google Analytics 4 allows businesses to set up conversions based on specific events, providing a more accurate representation of user interactions and goals.
  • Advanced Analysis Hub: Google Analytics 4 introduces Advanced Analysis, offering more powerful and customizable analysis tools. This allows users to explore data more deeply and generate insights customized to their specific needs.

How to Generate a Custom Google Analytics 4 Report Garden | Migrating From Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 

To generate a customized Google Analytics 4 report, you need to connect your analytics dashboard with ReportGarden, which masters in creating customizable marketing dashboards and generates Google Analytics automated reports,  follow these steps:  

  • Log in to ReportGarden: Sign in to your ReportGarden account.
  • Go to Accounts
  • Select Google Analytics
  • You'll likely be prompted to authorize ReportGarden to access your Google Analytics 4 data. Follow the instructions to give the necessary permissions.
  • Enter your Google Analytics 4 account credentials.
  • Follow any additional steps or prompts to complete the connection between ReportGarden and Google Analytics 4.
  • Once connected, verify that ReportGarden is able to retrieve data from your Google Analytics 4 account. You may need to run a test or check for a successful connection status.
  • Configure the specific metrics, dimensions, or reports you want to generate in ReportGarden using the data from Google Analytics 4.
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Google Analytics 4 Metrics and Dimensions

The specific Google Analytics 4 metrics and dimensions include: 


Step up to Google Analytics 4 with ReportGarden and indulge in seamless analytics reporting. Link your Google Analytics 4 account with ReportGarden. Generate Google Analytics reports using our pre-designed template or create your own from scratch. Integrate your Google Analytics 4 data with different sources for deeper insights. It’s time to uncover the potential of Google Analytics 4 reporting with ReportGarden!

Common Questions about Google Analytics 4 Reports

Q1.How is Google Analytics 4 different from Google Analytics?

Google Analytics 4 focuses on event-based tracking and user-centric measurement and includes machine learning features. It offers a  view of user interactions across various platforms compared to Universal Analytics.

Q2.Why should I upgrade to Google Analytics 4?

Google recommends upgrading to Google Analytics 4 for its enhanced features, including improved cross-platform tracking, machine learning capabilities, and better user-centric measurement. Google Analytics 4 is the future of Google Analytics.

Q3.Can I use Google Analytics 4 with Google Analytics?

Yes, you can use Google Analytics 4 with Google Analytics during the transition period. However, Google encourages users to set up Google Analytics 4 as the primary source for new projects.

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