The real Impact of Ad Blocking on Content

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The real Impact of Ad Blocking on Content

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We understand you don’t have the time to catch up with all the Marketing news every day. So we cut the clutter and deliver them, in 60-word shorts.  We pick-up articles from all your favorite marketing blogs and present you with the gist.Today we give you what is in the Blockmetry report by Pierre Far and the real impact of Ad Blocking on page views : Along with other marketing news.

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1. Blockmetry Report : Impact of Ad blocking on global page views

What ? : Worldwide ad blocking page views now stands at 32.4 percent, while analytics blocking is 5.2 percent.

What is the summary of this report ?

  1. Mobile traffic sees 3X the blocking rate of the desktop.
  2. The highest percentage of ad blocked page views is South Asia.
  3. Poland and Norway now are seeing 50 percent of page views subjected to ad blocking
  4. Of the mobile segment, 62.9 of those page views were impacted by ad blocking.
  5. Opera Desktop is the highest desktop type that has 43.3 pageviews blocking ads.

Takeaway : While Ad blocking is dismissed by some and some have been alarmed in the industry , the growth of Ad blocking have to be acknowledged.

ReadThe whole Blockmetry report

WatchAd-blocking development to impact marketing

2.  Instagram is removing the “Photo maps” option

What ? : Instagram is killing off the “photo map” feature that enables you to pinpoint your posts by location

Why ? :  The photo map feature is anyway not used by most of the users and is just taking up space.

What does this mean ? : This doesn’t mean all the location-based features will be disabled. Users will still be able to search posts using geo-tags and can add locations to your posts as well.

What next ? : Instagram added a new ability for optimizing the camera settings at various light levels , which ensures better and clearer images at low-level lighting

Takeaway : Instagram giveth and taketh away in one update. Instagram version 9.2.1 users will have to bid farewell to the photo maps feature and welcome the light level detection tool

Read Instagram Is Eliminating Photo Maps

3. Google adds a second ad slot in Play Store search results    

What ? : Google opens up a second ad slot on PlayStore for marketer’s to bid . Also Google is no longer going to duplicate app ads above organic listings

Why ? : To stand by their commitment to increase user experience as well as advertiser performance

How does this increase the PlayStore experience ?

Advertisers will no longer end up paying for clicks that were likely coming their way organically anyway. And users won’t have to look at identical listings.

Takeaway : Google , since releasing ads on PlayStore in July 2015 has always tested ads for making their user experience positive.

Read Google is adding a second ad slot in Play Store search results

WatchGoogle Play Store gets ads

4.  SnapChat removes ‘local stories’

What  ? : SnapChat has decided to stop producing  their daily local stories which helped the audience to check out what the local dwellers are posting about.

Why ? : Now that Instagram has started to showcase major happenings and events , SnapChat wants to focus on singular events and do a better job at providing a bigger picture rather than just a long local story.

What next ? : SnapChat would still be curating campus stories limited to respective colleges. Also, this doesn’t necessarily mean it is exiting the local space entirely.

Takeaway : While some see Instagram Stories as the first damaging blow to Snapchat’s rapid growth, there’s clearly still a lot of potential and a lot of opportunity for the app.

Read –  Snapchat has decided to stop producing daily Local Stories

WatchInstagram Stories or Snapchat Stories?

5. Google Local Search : Reviews from the Web -Now in addition to critic reviews

What ? : Google is now adding “Reviews from the web,” which brings user-generated content from third party sites to the knowledge panel  in the  results.

Why ? : Google says it’s simply trying to bring as much useful content as possible about places to local searchers.But there might also be a motive to grab larger land .

Anything else ? : On the desktop, Reviews from the web will appear in the Knowledge Panel as critic reviews do. In mobile, they will appear above critic reviews and best-of lists in a horizontal presentation.

Takeaway : Reviews from the web, however, is intended for sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor, whose content and reviews generated by consumers .

Read Google adds ‘Reviews from the web’ to critic reviews in local search results

WatchGoogle Adding Critic Reviews, Best-of Lists to Search Results

6.  Feature roll out : Campaign Groups in AdWords

What’s new ? : Release of Campaign Groups, which lets advertisers group campaigns with common targets to monitor performance against those goals.

Why ? : To make it easier for advertisers to track and forecast the performance of the campaigns against your advertising goals

How can this help ? : You can now package AdWords campaigns (including Video, Display, Search, and Shopping campaigns) into a single campaign group.

Takeaway : This feature is for evaluating whether or not your campaigns are working together toward your broader goals.

ReadTrack your goals with campaign groups

7.  Facebook testing – “What your friends are talking about” share prompt

What’s new ? : Facebook’s testing out a new “What friends are talking about” feature that highlights active conversations within your network.

Why ? : To  highlight what your connections are talking about in order to inspire you to also comment on the same.

Is this interesting ? : Facebook is always known for  maintaining the anxiety in their tools , this new option triggers the users to not to be left out of the mainstream conversations. So it’ll be hard for people to resist clicking through.

Takeaway : This testing is an indication of Facebook’s efforts to get users sharing and interacting more with friends and upload more of personal updates on their network.

ReadFacebook Testing “What Your Friends are Talking About” Sharing Prompt

8.  Google Reminder – No widgets with followed links in it

What ? : Google Webmaster reminds site owners to not use widgets that have a followed link within it.

Why ? : Because hidden or low-quality links embedded in widgets violate Webmaster guidelines.

How to fix this  ? : If you have placed any widgets on your own sites that contain a followed link, you should remove those widgets or change the link to a no follow link.

What if I don’t fix this ? : Google’sweb spam team may take manual actions on unnatural links. When a manual action is taken, Google will notify the site owners through Search Console.After you fix this only you can submit a reconsideration request.

Takeaway : Google’s reminder reinstates their strong stance against links that manipulate a site’s PageRank

ReadA reminder about widget links

Watch – How to resolve this ?

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