Google Ads accounts : Manage many with one email address

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Google Ads accounts : Manage many with one email address

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Google Ads accounts managing has become easier with the new added functionality. Read about this : Along with other marketing news from all your favorite marketing blogs.

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1.  Google Ads accounts : One email address to log in to multiple accounts

What ? : Google has made a change to the Google Ads Managing accounts crisis – Now you can connect up to five Google Ads accounts to one email.

Why ? : For managers of multiple Google Ads accounts, logging in and out of each account is a productivity killer.

How can this be accessed ? :

  • The option to add additional accounts can be accessed through the “Manage Google Ads accounts” screen in the main menu.
  • Also , when a user is added to an account, they can start accessing it right away without the email verification
  • From the account switcher, within the “Add Account” screen, you can easily link the email addresses associated with each account.

Takeaway : Google is improving the flexibility of Google Ads account management by encouraging users to get everything done in one place with security and privacy being the top of minds.

ReadGoogle Ads Now Allows One Email for Multiple Accounts

2.  Instagram rolls out Personalized comment filters

What ? : Instagram added a feature for all its users to block specific words (or emoji) from their Instagram comment feed.

Why ? :  To battle against online abuse and harassment, and improve the user experience.

What does this mean? : Though this might be seen as some form of censorship, it does give users another way to control their on-platform experience.

Anything else  ? : Instagram also added a new “Follows you” note on user profiles.

Takeaway : While this may not be a perfect solution , this is a good thing in the ongoing effort to make the online space safer and more comfortable for all.

ReadInstagram adds the ability to hide offensive & inappropriate comments

3. Google extends Expanded Text Ads deadline to January 31 , 2017

What ? : Google will continue to accept new traditional text ads through January 31, 2017, not October 26 as announced in July with the general release of the new ad format.

What next ? : After January 31, existing standard text ads will continue to run with expanded text ads, but advertisers will not be able to edit or create standard ads.

Anything else ? : Along with this announcement, Google also issued a set of dos and do not’s for testing expanding text ads.

Takeaway : This extension of transition period will help advertisers to figure out how to optimize expanded text ads.

Read Expanded text ads: more time to test and iterate

4.  SnapChat adopts Facebook’s ad targeting

What  ? :  Snapchat will allow brands to target ads based on people’s email addresses, people who resemble those defined groups and the type of content they view.

What’s new ? : The three new ad targeting options — Snap Audience Match, Lookalikes, and Snapchat Lifestyle Categories — will be available for anywhere its vertical video Snap Ads can run, such as in between people’s Stories, within Live Stories or within Discover channels.

Takeaway : This kind of ad-targeting is nothing new in the industry. Snapchat is only following the methodology popularized by Facebook and more importantly this is the type of retargeting that Snapchat really doesn’t like.

ReadSnapchat adopts Facebook-style ad targeting like email, mobile device matching

5. Bing Ads : Now with Bulk-editing

What ? :  In Bing Ads it’s  now possible to pause or enable multiple campaigns, ad groups, ads or keywords simultaneously, either by selecting all or several individual elements.

Why ? : This newly added functionality helps Bing Ads app users so that they no longer have to pause or enable items one at a time.

Takeaway : The Bing Ads apps on iOS and Android are steadily becoming more and more useful for actual management outpacing Google Ads apps in functionality. And according to Bing Ads manager – there are Hints of more functionality to come.

ReadBing Ads apps keep getting more useful, now with bulk editing

6.  Facebook Messenger gets ‘Buy Now ‘ button and in-stream payments

What’s new ? : Facebook messenger made it easier for buyers to buy products from a bot without needing to leave Messenger and a way for brands to direct people from their Facebook ads to their Messenger bots with it’s new ‘Buy’ button.

Why ? : Facebook is placing new tools in the hands of messenger bots to increase sales through Messenger.

How ? :

  1. People can have Messenger automatically plug in the credit card and address information attached to their Messenger profiles
  2. Companies have to use either Stripe or PayPal to process these payments, according to Facebook Messenger’s developer documentation.

How can this help ? : Advertisers can use this option to promote a Messenger-only sale and show the discount code in the Facebook ad, as well as on the welcome screen when someone clicks to open a conversation thread with the bot.

Anything else ? :

  • Bots can now present people with button-only, keyboard-hiding prompts to make it easier for someone to send a bot their location, pick a color for an item they’re looking at or choose a particular product from a row of images.
  • People can share individual messages, or “message bubbles,” with their friends on Messenger.

Takeaway : Facebook Messenger bots can now serve as standalone storefronts.Messenger business is evolving, and their Bot platform is advancing.

ReadFacebook Updates Messenger Platform with New Features, Including In-Stream Payments

7.  Instagram Adds Mute, Save and Colored Text Options to Stories

What ? :

  1. Stories users will now be able to save the photos and videos that they post to their Instagram Stories to their camera roll
  2. Instagram has also released a new mute option to get rid of people’s Stories you’re not interested in
  3. The ability to choose a color when adding text to Stories

Why ? : The added functionalities will enable users to more easily re-purpose Stories content on other platforms.

Takeaway : Even though Instagram is copying one of Snapchat’s core features so openly , Instagram Stories could deliver a significant blow to Snapchat’s growth util and unless Snapchat comes up with something better.

ReadInstagram Adds Mute, Save, and Colored Text Options to Stories

8.  Vimeo launches Vimeo Business – aimed at SMBs

What’s new ? : Vimeo has launched a new membership plan aimed at small businesses, startups and agencies, offering professional-level video hosting, marketing and analytics services.

Why ? : According to Vimeo , they are equipping businesses with everything they need to elevate their brand through their video hosting platform.

Anything else ? :

  1. Vimeo Business users will have access to the Vimeo Filmmaker Community to help create projects and to sell content directly to Vimeo’s 280 million subscribers
  2. Vimeo business membership plan will cost a 599$ per year
  3. Vimeo is offering a 30-day free trial for users when they sign up on the website: Vimeo Business.

Takeaway : Vimeo is catching up in the industry with a new range of tools like – professional-level video management tools aimed at small businesses, startups, and agencies.

ReadVimeo launches Vimeo Business — a video hosting & marketing plan aimed at SMBs

Watch – Vimeo Business: powerful tools, powerful stories

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